Beer and Sports (AKA, Manly Things)

A few of my guy friends from high school (who apparently read my blog on occasion…thanks, guys!) have complained that I don’t write enough about manly things. And by “manly things,” they clarified that they mean beer and sports. So here we go.

I don’t really drink beer. I mean, I will drink a beer now and then, but I’m more of a gin and tonic kind of gal. And my regular beer consumption has gone down considerably since moving to New York. Wanna know why? Because they don’t carry my favorite beer here.

I prefer Fat Tire, made by the New Belgium Brewing company. Unfortunately, it isn’t distributed anywhere in New York (or much of the east coast). When the hubs and I went to Seattle (you know, that time we got engaged), I was thrilled out of my mind when we discovered that virtually every bar had Fat Tire on tap. (Because it is not nearly as good in the bottles. Trust me.)

(See? I was so excited I took a picture of the SIGN.)

And since I usually can’t drink that much beer because it just makes me feel really full (I’m a girl, blah blah blah), I only imbibe if it’s something I really like.

AND THAT’S WHY I DON’T BLOG ABOUT BEER THAT MUCH. (Although if anyone visiting me would like to bring a girl a six-pack, I wouldn’t hate it.)(And I WOULD blog about it.)

As for sports, lord. You guys know I am the least athletic person alive.

I’m not quick. I’m not great at throwing or hitting or catching. I mean, I’m fit. If fitness were a sport, I would excel. (Which I why I love all those Reebok commercials.) But in terms of actual athletic games, I know nothing and have zero skills.

However. I do run races. So that’s close. And since all of the aforementioned guys complaining about my blog at one time or another ran cross country, that’s just what you’re going to have to accept.

In other words, my second round of half marathon training is going well. I ran eight miles on Saturday, and I have to do 10 this weekend. I feel like I’m in much better shape mentally this time around. I know what to expect, I know where I tend to get tired or distracted during the training.

My last half, I wasn’t very good at keeping up with the Thursday runs. After a longish Wednesday run, and with the super long Saturday runs looming, I would usually slink home after work and rest my weary limbs instead of clock in my extra three or four miles.

Did it hurt me in the final race? I don’t really think so. But I have to wonder if the wall I hit on the mile ten would have a bit gentler if I’d had a more consistent running schedule under my belt.

So this time around, I’m sticking to the program as exactly as I can. If I have to shave off a mile here or there, I try to pick it up in another run sometime during the week. That way, at least my total weekly miles will match up with what they’re supposed to.

Physically, I feel ok. Sore. My back has been really twisted up lately, but nothing unbearable. I’m tired, but I’m kind of used to that. All in all, I feel good and I’m hoping to beat my last half time by at least a couple of minutes. We’ll see.

Welp, that’s all I got on the sports and beer front. Anyone else have a favorite beer to share? (Bonus points if it can replace my beloved Fat Tire.) Or any reader gearing up for their own race? Tell me about it!