Taking the Leap


This might surprise you considering the number of times I have changed jobs since starting this blog, but I have a lot of trouble with taking big leaps in my life.

I mean, I’m not a total scaredy cat. I do take leaps. I moved to New York. I got married. I did make all those career changes. But it might surprise you to know how much panic and trepidation and second guessing went into those leaps.

Sometimes I feel like I am too self-aware. Like, I look at those people who are so painfully unself-aware, and part of me is like, “Honey…just…stop.” But another part of me kind of sighs wistfully and thinks, “Geez. It would be nice to be just a little blissfully ignorant.”

Because another definition for “too self-aware” is “self-conscious.”

And I don’t mean self-conscious in the “OMGeeeeeeewhat’smyhairdoingIlooksofatrightnow” kind of way. I just mean…I don’t know, that I am aware I have failings. And I know I can and will fail at a lot of things. But I try to believe that it’s more of a failure to at least not try.

When I’m gearing up to do something, and I have a panic attack, I usually do the following three things:

1. Turn to my support system for a little cheerleading. The three main proponents of this are my husband, my friend Susan, and my friend Heather. Obviously, there are a lot of other people who support me, but these three tend to believe in me way more than I believe in myself, and I always walk away from those conversations being like, “YEAH! I can do this!”

2. Loads of research. I mean, I always look before I leap. I’m willing to put my pride on the line, but only if I feel like I’ve done all I can to prepare for success or failure.

3. Repeating this mantra to myself: Just DO it already. What is seriously the worst that could happen?

Because I know that when a character says that in a movie, it usually means an anvil is about to drop on their head, but in real life, the “worst that could happen” is usually not all that extreme. The person could say no. My plan could fail. Et cetera. But I much prefer failure to always just wondering.

So I’m trying to take more leaps lately. I have some projects in the works, and I’m trying my hardest not to let fear of failure cripple what I believe I can accomplish.

What about you? Does taking chances freak you out? Or are you one of those freaks who isn’t afraid of rejection? (Just kidding. You’re not a freak. But I hate you a tiny bit.) What are your tips for just doing it already?


5 thoughts on “Taking the Leap

  1. You sound just like me! And I do the same things before I leap…LOADS of research (my hubby calls me the QOR or Queen of Research)…talk my head off to my support system (hubby, parents, bffs)…talk to myself about things a whole lot….and definitely think about the worst that could happen. Usually it is not life threatening lol, so after some time passes….I just make myself take a step.

    And this is all too funny because I’m taking a major leap in my life right now. I put the wheels in motion a couple weeks ago, but the biggest portion of it starts tonight. Ahhhhhh!

  2. oh gosh I’m so with you… taking that leap is always so freakishly frightening but always wondering is more painful, I think, sometimes whatever your *gut* is telling you, so they say, that female intuition, follow it…rationalizing can sometimes be unproductive. Take that leap, you’ll look back and say why didn’t I do that sooner? 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by the blog by the way…take care!!

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