Friday Happiness

In lieu of yesterday’s bIg AnNoUnCeMeNt, I’ve decided Fridays are a good day to list a few things that make me happy. Lest I head into the weekend in the wrong mindset. (Psh, yeah right. EVERYONE is happy on Fridays, right?)

Anywho, here goes:

1. I’m happy I get to see my dear friend Erin and one of my favorite professors tonight in the city.

2. I’m happy I have a hair appointment tomorrow morning.

3. I’m happy I get to celebrate my friend Brittany’s departure from singledom tomorrow night.

4. I’m happy because I’m wearing my favorite jeans, and according to this lovely lady, great jeans are the answer to any problem.

5. I’m happy it’s pay day, which means I can finally order this little baby I’ve had my eye on. (With 3.5 percent cash back from Ebates ;))

6. I’m happy the hubs has the day off and can come meet me for lunch.

7. I’m happy I’m out of work at three so I can run a few errands before heading into the city.

8. I’m happy because of all the fab inspiration I find online every day.

9. I’m happy to be freelancing again.

10. I’m happy my anniversary is on Tuesday!


See you Monday!