Hair and coffee and then some


So, I’m back at a regular computer. Which is good for all of us, but mostly for the grammar police. Also for my shame level, because when I read over that last post, the errors are just glaringly apparent. Deepest apologies.

OK, so there are a few things you need to know about the current “state of Justine” while you read this.

First things first, I can neither confirm nor deny if I have taken a shower in the last three days. But let’s just say things are looking a bit…ripe.

BUT. The positive to all of that is that is that I am rocking the best topknot of my life right now. Apparently the secret is a few days worth of grime. Who knew?

(Please ignore the zombie death bags under my eyes. It has been a long couple of weeks.)

Another thing you should know? I TRIED A NEW KIND OF COFFEE TODAY. (AGAIN!)

Just when I’m beginning to think coffee doesn’t affect me, I learn that really all I need to do is switch up my brand. It’s like when you try a new shampoo and suddenly your hair is so soft and so shiny even though you didn’t change a single other thing in your hair care routine. (Because I’m not the only one with a routine, right?)(You do all know what I’m talking about, right??)

So anyway. New coffee, from a new gas station. Big morning for me. But I have SO much energy. I mean, I don’t know if it’s the same as the Seattle’s Best “I can probably lift a car right now” energy, but it’s definitely “I could hurl my desk chair a considerably distance” energy. Fine line, folks. Fine. Line.

OK, so now that we’re all clear on my current state. (And that it ain’t pretty.)(Minus that swell hairdo.)

We got a new computer at home! It’s very exciting. We’ve been surviving using a couple of rather old laptops (that are both on their last legs), and it’s nice to have a computer that actually works and at delicious speeds. Plus, it’s a Mac with a camera, so we can FaceTime! I’m mildly obsessed with this technology. I FaceTime’d with my parents last night, and I was comical, to say the least.

If you’re one of my far-off friends/relatives (and let’s face(TIME) it, that’s almost all of you), let’s chat sometime before the novelty wears off for me.

To sum up, we’re almost through with Justine’s Four Weeks of Insanity before the rest of my (kind of boring) year continues. (That sentence was barely English. I just…don’t know anymore.)

I have the half marathon on May 6th, then a wedding the following weekend, and then I have NO plans until September when Annie gets married. We might try to make a trip to Denver sometime this summer, but we’ll see.

And now I’m ending this cracked-out post before I subject you to any more photos of my dirty hair.