Hanging over my head

OK, so the past few weeks have been super fun. (Two parties AND my anniversary! I’m like, so popular, you guys.) But I still get a little exhausted when I think about how I can’t really stop until May 13th. (Here’s to a long, lazy summer, y’all.)

So obviously my first instinct is to add more to my to-do list, right?

You see, this weekend is the only one I have with zero plans. April 21-22. I mean, I have to do a pretty long run on Saturday. But aside from that, tonight, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday are wide open.

Or, at least they were before my OCD brain booked us up.

Because, I’m not going to lie to you guys. The apartment is looking a little worse for the wear. There’s clutter everywhere, half-unpacked suitcases, piles of letters, half-drunk glasses of water, shoes, hockey equipment, crafting supplies — it’s madness. And when you’re super busycrazed, you need your home to be a sanctuary where your brain can go quiet and enjoy a glass of wine without adding things to your mental to-do list.

I’m sure you see where I’m going with this.

So this weekend is going to be the Weekend of Getting It DONE. What do I mean by “it”? Well, here’s the comprehensive list:

1. Organize the hall closet. Sure, I can’t have my dream closet (yet), but I can make what I have a lot better. And I got PLANS, yo.
2. Organize the “office” area. We FINALLY got a computer (we’ve been making due with our super old, super slow laptops), which I’m thrilled about, but I’m not thrilled about plunking our fancy new computer in our cluttered office area. The current space still looks mostly like it did here, except now the desk has become a dumping ground of stuff that I don’t have time to deal with at the moment. Classy. It needs work.
3. Finish the gallery wall. The gallery wall will probably always be a bit of a work in progress, but since the grown-up frames and updated artwork, I’ve also added a vintage-inspired map of France and procured a new art print with one of my favorite quotes. I still need to hang the new print, and I need to shift a few things around to make it all jive.
4. Tidy all of the common areas. Bathroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room are all in need of a deep clean and clutter removal.
5. Create shadowbox frames for the bedroom. The bedroom is still a work in progress (though I have pillows and a new bedspread!), but I have almost all the materials for these. I just need to put them together.
6. Goodwill run. Looking for a vanity, fabric, old jewelry for a project, lamps for the bedroom, and a few other things if I find great deals.

So there you have it. There are still a bunch of other things the apartment needs (and probably always will), but I think I can get most of that accomplished in a weekend. Everything else will have to wait until the end of May. (Eesh.)

Do you have any projects you’ve been putting off or just haven’t had time to accomplish?