I’m medium-maintenance

I was never a girlie-girl growing up. After three older brothers, I’m sure my mom was more than a little disappointed at just how much I preferred soft ball and collecting bugs to dressing up and painting my nails.

Of course, things changed as I got older. I started wearing makeup in the eighth grade. (Though I vividly remember being so uncomfortable asking my mom if I could. I think I was embarrassed? Not embarrassed to be wearing makeup. But embarrassed to be making a fuss about my appearance.

Somewhere along the line, I equated caring about my appearance with being high-maintenance. Isn’t that kind of sad? I mean, shouldn’t you feel like you’re worth making a fuss over?

Obviously, I don’t feel that way as much anymore. I’m a huge proponent of the lunchtime manicure (I haven’t had naked nails in…geez, months?), and you know I love a good blowout. My favorite indulgences (besides my running time) are getting my hair or nails done. I feel like a whole new person after a trip to the salon.

But despite how much I love taking care of myself and how great I feel when I do, I still sometimes feel a tug of guilt about it. I know that these things are not actually important. And I could very well survive without either indulgence. But as long as it is fiscally responsible, why should I beat myself up about doing whatever I can to be my best self?

Am I the only one who ever feels this way? Or should I just knock it off and embrace my life as a pseudo-high-maintenance chick?

10 thoughts on “I’m medium-maintenance

  1. I’m with you Justine, In my younger days I was a big tomboy! After marriage I started down the pampered path and now I feel slightly guilty when I go out and get my makeup, hair or nails done. Don’t get me wrong, you should pamper yourself. I only feel that way because the “hubby” prefers no make up and my hair in a ponytail. Which can be nice when I want to crash but to be honest I do all the primping for myself, it’s cathardict

    • You’re so much better at doing your own nails than I am! I can do my toes, but that’s it ha.

  2. I have never considered myself to be high maintenance when I compare myself to others. But I do get my hair colored every month, and cut and styled. I will do my own nails except for special occasions. BUT I do love clothes. That is where I am probably truly high maintenance. I will qualify this statement by saying that I do love a good sale. Recently, however, if I love it and I am afraid it will be gone when I come back, I will even splurge.

    I am sure I have had some impact on how you feel about feeling guilty. When there are 5 children in the family to buy for you do have to be a bit frugal. However, I remember many visits to The Limited Too and splurging. Haha! You did win Best Dressed when you were a senior!

    • Well, to me it’s worth it to spend money on my hair/nails/etc. if only for the peace of mind it brings me. It’s better than therapy 😉

  3. Oh, Justine. You’re always allowed to do what you want with money you are able to spend. I’m ready to be in that position again! Although my fingers look dumb painted, my adorable toes are never naked.

    Also, being medium beauty high maintenance isn’t so bad… I’m emotionally high maintenance. Or so I’ve been told…

    • Haha you’re pretty good at holding it together emotionally, you just like to poll the audience before big decisions 🙂

  4. I totally had a conversation similar to this with my husband. It went like this:
    Me: You know how girls who care about their looks in high school are considered stuck up and stupid?
    Doug: No.
    Me: Well they are. You have to be all natural and you can’t make it look like you care cause then you will get made fun of.
    Doug: Oh. Ok.
    Me: So in high school/ college I just thought to myself “eh I’m pretty enough. I don’t have money to spend on expensive makeup or clothes so I will just care about things like education.” Even though I secretly really liked that stuff.
    Doug: sure.

    Amazing conversation I know. But my point is I stopped caring/ paying attention because of the weird guilt and now at the ripe age of 27 I realize I don’t know how to do my makeup like a 27 year old? I don’t know how to dress like one? Things seem really expensive still even thought I make like 500% more then I did in college. But now Sephora intimidates me and the Nordstrom girls seem kinda stuck up and I feel really lost and I can understand how women my age have kids and then suddenly they just look like Mommies.

    So basically I wish I was a little more high maintenance because I can’t just skate by on my youthful glow for the next 15 years like I did for the previous 15. Us ladies have a careful balancing act to keep up and I think the only way to achieve it is to keep up those lunch time beauty rituals. As for me? I’m saving up for the Urban Decay Naked Palette. (seriously why is STUFF so expensive?!?!)

    • Yes, that’s exactly it. I want to find that sweet, sweet middle ground between stuck-up and stupid and looking like a mommy.

      Being a girl is hard. (And, yes, expensive.)

  5. Don’t feel bad – I am VERY high maintenance. And I don’t feel guilty about it at all! I have mani/pedis, massages, spa days, shopping and lunches out all the time. I have an absurd number of shoes. I love it and I think it makes me feel better about myself and makes me confident and happy. Luckily, my husband is fine with it! In fact, I can pretty much count on a massage/spa gift certificate in my stocking every Christmas.

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