Why I’m tired today.

Hoo. Shah.

Yesterday was a long day, folks. I’m shooting these brief how-to-esque videos for work, but I’m basically doing everything myself except for the actual filming. Which means I spent all yesterday morning running around setting up for the videos, and all yesterday afternoon actually propping/shooting them.

Of course, the highlight was that I got my hair blown out on the company dime. (Listen, the internet is forever. Which means unkempt hair would have been forever. Which means it’s safer to put it in the hands of a professional.)

I went from the uninspiring before (what’s UP, unwashed hair and no makeup!)(See?? I’m not totally vain.):

To the Food Network-esque after:

I look so trust-worthy, don’t I? If you look closely, you can see the awkwardness in my eyes. (“What should I do with my hands? Does this look weird? Seriously, do my hands look weird???“)

Don’t worry, (parents and Erin), I promise to post the links when the videos are live. So you can watch me in all my entertaining-expert glory.

So anyway. That’s what I’ve been up to.

Also, the half marathon is Sunday! Tonight is my last run until the big one. Anyone else have any races coming up? I promise to think of you when I’m slogging through mile 11. (Also known as the worst mile ever.)