12 Picks for Your Spring Shopping List

Spring is a time of rebirth. A time to mix it up, go for the new, embrace fresh.

What I’m saying is, spring is a time to go shopping.

My dear, dear friend Erin is starting a new job soon (a VERY exciting one!), and she decided this upcoming weekend will be when she breaks her shopping fast in favor of awesomely adorable spring clothes.

Erin herself is quite adorable, and she can get away with everything from super trendy looks to classic pieces. So when she asked me to put together a style board of spring looks to inspire her shopping trip, I knew I had a pretty easy task ahead of me.

And you guys. There are SO many cute spring clothes out now. I know Erin likes color and I’ve never seen her shy away from pattern, so I threw a lot of each into this board. (Plus, she could wear any of these items to her new job. And you know I love a win-win situation.)

So, without further ado, here’s what I see Erin sporting this spring:

Let’s start at the top. I’m convinced that if you have at least one cardigan, at least one blazer, and at least one blouse-y top you can dress up or down, you can conquer the world. I included this Cardigan in Putty from H&M, a Turquoise Blazer from H&M, and a Scalloped Ruffle Top from Old Navy.

Next, accessories. Erin has the tiniest waist you’ve ever seen, and I think she should show it some love with a skinny wrap belt. This Camel Belt from H&M would look great over sweaters or skirts. I’m also a huge fan of statement necklaces, and a boldly colored one — like this Lily Pond Necklace from Pree Brulee — fits the bill perfectly.

Onto bottoms. (Heh, heh…bottoms.) It gets really hot in the city in the summer, so I’m recommending skirts and dressy shorts. The best part about a brightly colored skirt is that it pretty much makes the outfit, which means you can throw on a sleeveless top, grab a pair of wedges, and call it a day without too much fuss. And a breezy pair of shorts is dressed-up enough for the office without sacrificing comfort. I picked a Coral Skirt from H&M, Floral Shorts from H&M, and a Pencil Skirt with Frill from Zara.

Finally, my favorite clothing item: dresses! I am loving all of these small-patterned styles, which provide the same cohesive look as a solid dress with an extra something to add visual interest. I included two casual options and two dressier versions for Erin to mix and match with sweaters and accessories. Pleated Abstract Dress from Forever 21, Combined Crepe Dress with Flowers from Zara, Scoop Back Floral Dress from Forever 21, and Peplum Dress from ASOS.

There you have it! I know Erin already has a lot of the basics, so these pieces will add personality and a fresh, spring-y look to what she already has.

Have SO much fun shopping, Erin!

4 thoughts on “12 Picks for Your Spring Shopping List

    • You definitely should! I LOVE Pree Brulee. They’re great for statement necklaces and earrings.

  1. JTOWN. You are so good at this. I would wear all of these things. Thanks– I have some serious shopping to do!

    • Oh good! I’m so happy to hear that haha. Right before I posted I was like, “What if she hates everything? That would be awkward…”


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