The trouble with vanity

Ok, total confession: I wrote this post yesterday morning. Then, yesterday afternoon, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a vanity table. But you should still totally read this if you’re interested in my thought process. Plus, the big “which vanity did I choose???” reveal is at the end. And you KNOW you want to know the answer.

So…I have a problem with vanity. Or rather, vanities. No, I’m not staring in the mirror all the time, I’m talking about this kind of vanity:

Isn’t it beautiful?

Unfortunately, I don’t the floorspace for one quite so impressive. (It’s available here if you do…also, I will envy you forever.)(Vanity AND envy! We’re just working our way through those deadly sins, aren’t we?)

Instead, I’m looking for a smaller table version. I already have a gold mirror that I would like to use, so I don’t really need a vanity with one built in.

My biggest issue with just pulling the trigger on one of these bad boys is that lately I’ve started second-guessing the exact look I’m going for. Which has led me to the exact middle ground between two styles:

Let’s make a pros and cons list, shalll we?

The Parsons Desk:

{1, 2, 3}

Pros: For a particularly modern piece of furniture, it still has a pretty classic look. I never get tired of seeing it in photos, and I could always swap it out as a computer desk.

Cons: I think it might actually work better as a computer desk…? Is that just a weird thing in my brain? Plus, it’s pretty hard to find second-hand in white, and I don’t think I could paint it given the surface. Which means no gold detailing like I had planned for a wood version. Also, limited storage options.

The Vintage-y Variety:

{1, 2, 3}

Pros: Easier to customize, easier to thrift, love the girly effect, more storage depending on the style I find, love the subtle vintage-i-ness. (Sure…that’s a word.)

Cons: Hard to find exactly what I’m looking for, would mean more work (sanding, priming, painting, etc.), not modern at all…would I start to get sick of that?

Do any of my readers work with either of these options on a daily basis? Love it or hate it? I think I’m leaning toward the Parsons version still, but will I regret not having the extra drawers?

I know, I know. This is totally a #firstworldproblem. But if I’m going to invest in something nice, I want to love it forever and ever. Which is kind of why I think the Parsons desk would be easier to re-purpose as any kind of desk down the line. But the more classic style is SO feminine and pretty and perfect for a vanity…


And thus ends the post that I had originally planned on posting. Fast-forward to about 4:30 p.m., when I finally decided to buy…the Parsons Desk! I ended up finding one on sale for about $62 on that looks exactly like the one in that third Parson’s photo. I also found a coupon. And I purchased it through Ebates (which you know I love), so I get 4% cash back. Basically, the stars were aligned. My new lovely should arrive at the end of next week. I’M SO EXCITED.