It’s going to be a long one, folks. We went to Bryan and Brittany’s wedding last night (and had a fabulous time!), but work the day after a wedding is not exactly what I would prefer to be doing.

In case you’re wondering, what I’d prefer to be doing is still sleeping. Alas…

Suffice to say, I’m too tired to post anything requiring a lot of brain power. Which means…an Instagram picture montage! Enjoy.

1. Getting primped with one of my besties, Heather.
2. Post make-up application. (I barely recognize myself ha.)
3. Giant group of friends at the wedding!
4. The hubs and me. (And yeah, got a spray tan…I had a Groupon. It didn’t look quite as orange-y in person. Live and learn.)
5. First dance. (The place was GORGEOUS.)(As was the couple :))
6. Megan and I in the photo booth.
7. Heather, Megan and me.
8. Even more photo booth madness. (If you’re getting married and NOT having a photo booth…you should reconsider that. Stat.)
9. Joey and our pal Phil looking studly as always.

Anyone else going to weddings this month?