DIY Dreaming

So…I’ve been toying around with a somewhat intimidating idea. (Those of you who follow me on Pinterest might be able to guess what it is.)

Curious? Here are a few hints:




Did you figure it out? I’m thinking about…painting our china cabinet!

For those of you who don’t remember that particular acquisition, thar she blows:

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with it right now, it has to be said that giant pieces of wood furniture aren’t exactly my style. I always find myself drawn to painted (or half painted/half natural wood) pieces. I know there are a lot of people out there who are deeply offended by painted wood furniture, but, well, I’m just not one of them. Sorry I’m not that sorry. Plus, as you can see in these (really awful) photos, the room tends to look really…reddish brown. It’s not quite as bad in person, but…still.

Before we get into exactly why this product scares me as much as it does, let’s talk the fun stuff.

In general, I find myself leaning toward painting it a smoky grey color like the second option above. I love the look of the white with gold trim, but I’m worried it wouldn’t stand out enough on a white wall. (Though maybe it would give it the look of a built-in? Any opinions out there?)

But every so often, I get a notion to go a little bolder and paint it a rich turquoise (like the color of the new living room pillows I made) or a sweet aqua, like this:

Of course, the trouble with veering away from neutral colors is that if I ever want to re-sell it (which is extremely possible when we move since the hubs has said in no uncertain terms does he want to move this behemoth again), it will probably be an easier sell as a neutral color. So maybe I could find a middle ground, like a grey exterior with a more colorful interior, like this version:

At the very least, I definitely want to add some kind of stencil or wallpaper inside to add some visual interest, like this:


Ok, now for the less fun part. (AKA, every reason why the idea of starting this project scares the pants off of me.)

1. This is a giant piece of furniture. Meaning this is a giant project. I don’t have a lot of work space at the apartment, and because the dang thing is SO big, I would honestly probably end up painting it in the dining room (after moving the table…somewhere?) on a giant tarp with all the windows open. (Though I like that this tutorial tells me I can skip sanding with the right primer.) I can hear Joey groaning somewhere even at the suggestion of tearing our place apart for a week just to paint a cabinet we might end up selling anyway. Sigh.

2. The actual structure of the piece concerns me a bit. Our friend who helped us move it in originally pointed out that, because it’s an antique, the glass shelves are not safety glass and, if they break, “will basically turn into knives.” Um, hi. I feel like it’s inevitable that if I try to sand/paint/etc. this huge thing I will undoubtedly break something and slice my body open. Does anyone know anything about dealing with old glass? Is it impossible to have it removed and possible replaced with newer glass shelves? Is it a ton of (possibly dangerous) work?

3. I’ve never painted furniture before. (Really, never!) I mean, I’ve read about a bazillion tutorials on blogs and stuff, but I’ve never done it. What if it turns out awful? What if there are paint drips and brush streaks and the color looks terrible? After all the inconvenience, I’ll never live it down if it sucks.

Blerg. I really, really want to do it, but maybe I should just sit tight? Any advice from any crafty blog friends out there?