What a difference some paint makes.

I’m fickle. Well…I’m fickle about decor anyway. (Don’t worry, my darling husband, I never get tired of you.)

This is why it’s so important for me to stick to neutrals when it comes to big, expensive pieces of furniture. That way, I can make a few simple swaps (like a rug or a few pillows) and BAM! Instant change at a low cost.

Anyway. As you know, I’m (cautiously) embarking on the China Cabinet Project of 2012. And naturally this has caused my mosquito attention span to start dreaming about other possibilities for this room.

I don’t know why I have such issues with the dining room. It might be because I’m not really a dining room person to begin with? My dream home layout has more of a combined living room/dining room, and any extra rooms are dedicated to office/music materials. And I know most design philosophies would just recommend that I transform the space into whatever type of room would be most useful to me, but, unfortunately, there is no other space in the apartment for a dining table, so for now, it’s going to stay a dining room. Someday, folks. Someday.

The point is, I’m still figuring out what this space should look like. (I can practically hear my husband rolling his eyes somewhere. Sorry, hun. You signed on for a lifetime of this…good thing I can cook, huh?)

Of course, the biggest downside to being such a Fickle Ferdinand (people say that…right?) is that constantly switching things up would be a total cash suck. And since I’m not exactly a bazillionaire, I have to be smart about how much money I spend on decor. (Especially considering this is a rental that we will probably only stay in for another year.)(And yes, I am well aware that I will probably get everything exactly how I want it only moments before we move out and I have to start all over again. I’ve made peace with that.)

So, anyway. That’s a lot of preface. The point is, I want to make a few tweaks, move some things around, and basically end up with a pretty different space for minimal cost. Here’s the plan.

You already know about the china cabinet. This in itself will be a pretty huge change (and probably run me around $75 for painting supplies…anyone have a Home Depot coupon to spare?). I also want to update the curtains.

A while back, I purchased a few yards of linen to make dip-dyed curtains for the bedroom. I’ve since decided it makes more sense to move my lovely coppery dining room curtains to the bedroom (since I already planned on bringing in orange/gold accents there) and replace them with painted linen curtains. I’m thinking bold, horizontal stripes, probably in black to tie in the table, chairs, and the wallpaper that will be on the interior of the china cabinet.

The other furniture will stay largely the same, minus one thing: I also want to dye the chair cushions.

This is something I’ve been planning to do for a while, but instead of the grey I had intended (things are looking a little too neutral at the moment), I want to do a color. I played around in Photoshop with a few different options. First, I tried coral.

(I know, you’re totally impressed with my Photoshop skillz, right?)

I think it looks pretty, but the hubs has already acquiesced to a coral rug in the living room. You can only throw so much pink at a dude before he starts fidgeting.

Next, I tried tying in one of the other accent colors in the living room, a deep turquoise.

It looks okay, but it’s also not exactly right. And with such a dark color, it would be hard to dye the cushions any other shade in the future if I changed my mind. (WHICH WE KNOW I PROBABLY WILL, AMIRIGHT?)

Then I remembered my G&T print I have hanging in the dining room in an olive-y green (that also happens to match our upholstered chair in the living room). Voila!

I kind of love it. Here’s a quick breakdown of everything that needs to happen to make this a reality:

1. China cabinet project. Oof.

2. Painted curtain panels. I’ll probably do something similar to this tutorial. Because Lord knows I need another project that takes up a lot of floor space.

3. My lovely print, available from Monorail Studio.

4. IKEA Bjursta table. So far, I’m leaving this thing as is. (Minus the pretty addition of a bouquet of coral-colored anemones.)

5. IKEA Borke chairs with dyed green cushion covers. The covers actually aren’t attached anyway, so that project should be fairly simple. Should.

6. IKEA Erslev rug that I already have. But do you notice a slight update? I’ve added a thin black border in Photoshop, and I think it would look really awesome in real life. My plan is to paint one on using leftover black paint from the curtains, but maybe I’ll get crazy and sew on some trim. ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

So…what do you think? All I’m really buying is paint and dye. I would also probably have to update the art in that room, but I might try my hand at painting something. (I told you, we’re getting CrAzY up in here.) Anything you think I should add/reconsider? Anyone else have any decor updates planned for the summer?