Product Review: SOYJOY Bars

Happy 3-day weekend, lovelies!

I know I don’t usually post on weekends, but I wanted to share something fun with you that you might want to check out this weekend. Have you heard of Influenster? Basically it’s a program that you can sign up with and receive (totally free) products and samples to test and provide feedback for.

A few days ago, I received the Spring Beauty VoxBox, packed with fun stuff for, you guessed it, spring.

I won’t get into everything just yet, but I do want to talk about that pretty pink SOYJOY bar.

I’ve seen SOYJOY before, but never had a chance to try one. Each bar is gluten free and made from real soy and fruit. (AKA, it’s a guilt-free snack.) For the sake of science, I documented my first experience.

Obviously, I’m quite excited to try it.

Taking a bite…


It’s good!

So there you have it, folks. If you’re looking for a healthy treat this weekend, SOYJOY bars won’t disappoint. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some important things to…um…*nomnomnom*

Oh, um…look away!

Have a great weekend!