6 (Super Easy) Summer Hairstyles

After a fairly warm winter and a pretty rainy spring, summer has apparently decided to up its game this year.

Basically, it’s hot, y’all. And not just hot. Humid.

Pretty much everyone and their dog complains about humidity, so I’m not even going to bother whining to you guys. The point is, it’s super humid and that makes looking decently put-together even more of a chore than it usually is.

I’ve already decided to give up on keeping my makeup from sliding off my face (summer routine consists of: tinted moisturizer, liquid eyeliner (I’m determined to master winged eyeliner this year), mascara, chapstick…and the tiniest bit of concealer for those nights when I don’t get as much sleep as I should), but the true challenge is managing the veritable beast of hair growing out of my head.

I’m blessed/cursed with pretty thick hair. And because I honestly find long hair easier to manage than short hair (at least in my case…homegirl has some wicked cowlicks), it’s pretty long at the moment as well. AKA, we’re talking quite a bit of hair.

Which is great. Except when it’s not.

This time of year, there is really no point in trying to go for a sleek look. Frizz, perpetual dampness, bizarre waves — it’s the perfect storm of hair follies.

And that’s why I’ve decided that Summer 2012 will be the SUMMER OF UPDOS. (Yup, we live large in my head.)(On my head?)

Lately I’ve been pinning every simple updo I find for those days when my hair is too trialsome to deal with. Here are a few of my favorite options so far:

1. Top knot. Remember the good ol’ days when we just called this a bun? Anyway, top knots have taken over the blog world lately, and they’re perfect for just getting wonky hair up and out of you face. Plus, as we know, great for days when you haven’t washed your hair for most of the week. (Not that I ever do that..errr….)

2. The 3-Braid Bun. The trouble with most updos is that they can be difficult to do on your own hair. But I love how simple this one is. I can totally create three braids in my hair and then wrap them around each other. Plus, all the humidity makes my hair feel huge, so adding extra volume on top should be easy enough.

3. Wrap it up. This picture makes me want to invest in 20 silk scarves. I’ve always been tempted to try out the scarf turban look that was so popular last fall, but I always chickened out for fear that I would look…I don’t know, like I was trying to hard or something. Anyway, this summery version seems a lot more low-key.

4. Twisted pony. Fun fact: I wore my hair in a ponytail EVERY SINGLE DAY for the first seven or so years of my life. #TOMBOY4LIFE. But I like that this subtly twisted version is a bit more sophisticated. (And perfect for those of us who are — yet again — growing out our bangs.)

5. Maiden hair. Obviously, braids are the answer to everything. And braiding back all your hair into a bun has always had a sort of Renaissance feel to me. Which is kind of romantic, right? Romantic and…perfect for girls who feel lazy about their hair.

6. Sidebraid. I love this look, but it can be difficult to manage if you have a lot of layers. (Like I do.) Here’s the secret: braids within the braid. Start by creating a low side part (mine is on the right). Pull all your hair over your opposite shoulder (from the part) to the side where you will be braiding. Starting from your shortest layers (mine are my old bangs), create a thin braid. (I also create a thin braid on the opposite side for the hair that normally falls on the right side of my face. Divide your hair into three sections, incorporating the thinner braids into the larger chunks of hair. Braid like normal.

That probably makes no sense when you read it. Might have to create a tutorial…

The point is, sidebraids are a great way to look like you tried with your hair when really you didn’t.

Anyone else have any great summer looks I should be incorporating into my repertoire?

7 thoughts on “6 (Super Easy) Summer Hairstyles

  1. Just a side note. How about a tutorial on the cat eye. I have been trying to perfect it and am failing terribly. One of my family members has perfected it! But even her hints haven’t helped me. Help!!

  2. I’m living off of the twisted pony tail this summer. Don’t need to impress many people sitting in a library alone!

  3. I was just reading a blog post from Birchbox saying the top knot was OUT this summer, and I was disturbed, as I love the top knot, especially with bangs. Glad to see you top knot love! Also, fishtail sidebraids = perfection. 🙂

    • Psh, until Birchbox shows up at my house to blow out my hair every day, I’LL be the one to decide when it’s time for me to stop doing the easiest hairstyle ever 😉

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