Living Room Updates

Speaking of updates, remember the rug?

Well, it sure is looking mighty cozy on our living room floor:

But what about the other updates we discussed? Well, after much deliberation, I decided to forgo the turquoise pillows in favor of the green ones we received from our wedding registry. (Thanks, friends who chipped in to buy them for us!) Adding the third color made the room look a little random, and the green pillows tie in the green chair nicely.

As for the wall art, rather than investing in a new piece (when Lord knows I’ll probably change my mind again this winter), I decided to get crafty with a piece I already had.

Remember the blue bird wall art from this post? I decided he could come back out of the closet (where he’s been for a few months) if I changed his colors. Here’s how it went down.

{bird picture, acrylic paints}

I started by mixing a coral paint with a bit of orange to keep the color from looking too pink. I had white paint on hand in case I messed up. To fill in the color, I used two thin brushes. (The smaller the brush the better since I was painting over some pretty fine lines.)

Verrrryyyyy carefully, I started painting the coral color over any blue in the painting. It was surprisingly relaxing work. I basically dotted the paint on because basic strokes looked too smooth compared to the rest of the print.

The finished painting! Looks pretty good, right? Here’s how the room looks currently:

As always, sorry for the lame “photography.” Someday I’ll get a better camera, I promise.

Anyway, the room is definitely feeling springier and ready for warm weather.

Anyone else make any decor changes over the weekend?