I don’t want to talk about it.

So I’m just going to say this fast to get it over with. I’d honestly rather not talk about it at all because it just SUCKS, but since I opened the door yesterday, I feel obligated to give you all some closure.

We won’t be getting a dog for at least another ten months.


It turns out that when we signed our lease that said we could get a small pet and paid more of a deposit, what it MEANT was that we could get a cat. One cat. And only a cat.


So…yeah. That was a super fun landlord conversation yesterday. I may have cried. Today I’m just frustrated. Tomorrow I’m expecting acceptance and maybe optimism or something stupid like that.


Thanks again for all your nice words and super helpful advice yesterday. I promise to revisit it all next year.



10 thoughts on “I don’t want to talk about it.

  1. Aww super sad face.

    I was just about to go back and post a comment on your previous post because I can not let a dog post go by without comment.

    I’ll keep in short and sweet. I found Tieg’s on petfinder. I was hoping to find her local, but I had to drive about 95 miles to “look at” …err get.. her. Which made for an awesome time on the way back. 95 miles of snuggles!

    What makes me the most sad about this post is that I know you will make such a wonderful doggy mom!! I can’t wait until you get to improve the life of a little furry baby.

    I know how hard it is to wait for a pet. One of the main reasons I became a homeowner was so I could have a dog and no one could say anything about it!

    • Thanks! I just keep telling myself that the wait will make it all the sweeter when we finally can get a dog.

      And that is DEFINITELY one of the perks to homeownership! Hopefully we’ll make that leap in the next year or so…

    • Sigh…yeah. I guess it’s our own fault for not clarifying what they meant by “pet” from the very beginning.

  2. Sorry! I have two so I know the longing for just one especially when you’re ready and your heart is set.

  3. omg. are ALL landlords assholes? the answer is yes. argh! if i had one free kill, my landlord would be the one. no, i am not kidding.

    p.s. cats are fab! but it seems like you want a dog, so i hope the next 10 months FLY by until you get one!

    • I just had this exact conversation with my mom last night. I’m pretty sure 99.9% of them are!

      And unfortunately, we’re straight-up dog people. I used to have a cat, but we never had the same connection as I did with any of my dogs.

      Also, your “one free kill” cracked me up. Thanks for commenting!

  4. This is one of those times in your life when you get to be SUPER prepared for what you want. The next time you will get 10ish months to prepare for something this big is when you decide to have a baby. So read all the puppy training books and go on a puppy moon. Leave all your nice shoes out all over the place. Let your hair straightener cord dangle. Lay down on the floor in a black sweater. Go from work, to drinks, to a movie, to after movie drinks, to late night fried food, and don’t even worry about the fact that you haven’t been home for over 12 hours.
    Bummer times though 😦

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