9 Feminine Decor Ideas

Well, you folks certainly have a lot of opinions about hair. It always kind of amazes me the amount of response I get to posts about hair. I guess we probably don’t realize how much we think about it. I’m always a little nervous about completely alienating the few males in my readership, but you ladies are more vocal anyway.

Speaking of girly things, let’s talk feminine decor ideas.

Before I start this post, I want to add a quick disclaimer: I love living with my husband. There is no better feeling knowing that I get to start and end my day with my best friend.

We all clear on that? OK.

With that being said, sometimes I fantasize about how I would decorate our apartment if I lived alone.

AGAIN, not because I want to live alone, but just because sometimes I find myself really drawn to super feminine looks and wonder what it would be like to live in one, but know that I can’t really do those things because I live with a dude. Who probably isn’t even entirely sure what “mauve” is.

But just in case I have any girly-girl readers looking to redecorate, here are a few things I’m secretly (or, rather, not-so-secretly now) in love with:

1. I’m obsessed with giant gold floor-to-ceiling mirrors, like this Bassett Gold Leaf Leaner Mirror. My mom has one in the dining room, and I would totally steal it if it wasn’t three times my size. Someday.

2. I’ve gotten really into abstract paintings lately, and I love the melting colors of this Mauve Aubergine Pillow from Little Joobie Boo, a Blue Velvet Pillow from Nora Quinonez, Ampersand Pillow from Gracious Home, and Barbara Berry Poetical Purple Pillow from Arianna Belle.

5. I’d also love a grey velvet couch, like this Blake Sofa in Dove Grey from West Elm.

6. For extra seating, I’d throw in one of these White Moroccan Leather Pouf from Serena & Lily.

7. You know I love a patterned rug. This Serpentine Rug in Steel Grey is especially dreamy.

8. What it lacks in extra storage, this Grace Coffee Table makes up for in major style points. Gold leaf and white marble? Swoon.

9. And while I love the green tweed slipper chair I have, this Swoop Upholstered Slipper Chair in Lavender Floral from Target packs a bold punch.

To my married ladies (or women also living with a dude), how do you strike a balance with decor? Does your guy even care? If you lived alone, how would you decorate differently?

5 thoughts on “9 Feminine Decor Ideas

  1. My husband is in charge of our decorating – he has a much better eye for it then me, and loves doing it! Luckily he sticks with a lot of white, shabby-chic type styles, which I love. We make the big decisions together, but it’s funny to explain to people that he’s the one who picks our bedding and chooses the lamps, etc.

    • That’s awesome! My husband is great for giving input, but he has a harder time seeing the big picture unless I can actually show him what I mean. Usually he’ll ask a lot of questions and then just end up telling me he trusts my judgment. It’s a good system ha!

  2. Lovely…and nothing a poster of Ernie Kozar and some dark leather and cork board couldn’t fix!

  3. I was lucky enough to find a floor to ceiling mirror for a 100 dollars at a local resale store. It was a wonderful find. Say nothing that the same store as an amazing zebra rug for another great price. Check around to the places where the builders donate their cast offs. YOU might find a treasure.

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