What to Wear to a Concert

Let’s get one thing straight: I have never really known what to wear to concerts.

I didn’t attend my first real, standing-room-only-sweaty-crowd-with-a-mosh-pit concert (Sorry, Christina Aguilera at the Iowa State Fair, I’m not counting you. My parents were there, and my belly was full of pulled pork and funnel cake.) until my senior year of high school, and by then my fashion sense was fairly solidified in the preppy/classic category. I think I wore a T-shirt and jeans, but I know I stressed for a week that I would stand out like the wannabe I was. (Am?)

Honestly, sometimes I feel like I missed teen trendiness altogether. No one is surprised.

Anyway. Concerts. Teen fashion. The point is, I don’t get it. Obviously.

Which is really unfortunate because I’m going to a The Wanted concert on Thursday.

Did I just blow your mind a little? Trust me, no one is more surprised at this turn of events than I am. Here’s how it happened:

My dear friend Erin works for a major entertainment magazine. One of her editors had two extra tickets to the show and offered them to Erin. Erin sent me the following correspondence:

Erin: Would you have any interest in going to a The Wanted concert on Thursday? Or are you too old to even find that amusing?

Me: Actually, the amusement factor is EXACTLY why I would go to that concert. Let’s do it.

So, I am excited. Because sometimes crazy tweens can be funny. But I’m also concerned.


Not wanting to resort to the belly shirts, I turned to the internet. I tried searching “what do wear to a the wanted concert,” but it just turned up pictures of the guys. Not helpful. Next, I broadened out and searched “what to wear to a concert.” Here are a few common denominators I noticed.

1. Leggings, flowy top, booties.


Skinny legs and billowy  tops are apparently in right now. And booties seem to be the shoe of choice for teen concerts. (Probably smart considering the likelihood of getting stomped by a crazed fan.)

2. Black tank, skinny jeans, long necklace.


This is the look I feel I can most confidently replicate. Plus, I totally have all those things. (Minus the patterned clutch, which I actually think is pretty cute.) My inner teen is so proud.

3. Flowy tank, vest, fedora.


I actually have a vest that I have maybe worn once. I never know exactly why I’m keeping it. MAYBE IT WAS FOR THIS MOMENT. Unfortunately (fortunately?), I don’t have a fedora. I have a big head, and they tend to fit weird. So…yeah.

4.Chambray, bangles, short black skirt.


I’ve started collecting a lot more bracelets lately, and maybe I could swap the skirt for shorts? They’re also pretty in, especially with tights underneath. (OR SO I’VE READ BECAUSE I’M SECRETLY NINETY YEARS OLD.)

5. Mini dress, jean jacket, combat boots.


I have a denim jacket. But that’s about it for this look.

So there you have it. Look #2 is probably going to be the winner. Unless my oh-so-wise readers have better advice for me?

And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to tell you guys all about the experience on Friday.

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7 thoughts on “What to Wear to a Concert

  1. I have to admit – I had to google them, as I had no idea who you were talking about. Apparently I’ve hit the age where I am out of touch with ‘what’s popular with the kids’ …and I’m only 25. Ouch!

  2. All of those suggestions are great, except that… this is a The Wanted concert. Obviously, the only proper attire would be a Wanted t-shirt and a whole lotta crazy.

    • True. But I definitely don’t have the first item, and I like to think I don’t have much of the second… 😉

  3. I wouldn’t wear the pumps from #2 though, probably the booties from #1 instead. That’s my advice

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