On presents and pressure.

Yesterday I went to Babies R Us to buy a gift. As I was checking out, the following conversation happened.

Saleswoman: Do you have a rewards card?

Me: Oh…no.

Saleswoman: *pause* Do you want one?

Me: *nervous laugh* Ah…no, thanks.

Saleswoman: *pause coupled with a meaningful look* Are you sure?

Me: Um…I think I’ll wait a while for that one.

Saleswoman: Hm.


No more excuses.

I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew. At least I admit that about myself, right?

But the fact remains, I get excited about things, and will sometimes even take the effort to invest in preparing for projects, and then they sit in the corner of my living room/dining room/bedroom just staring at me for the next six weeks. Judging. Judging me and my flightiness.

Well, that needs to stop. Which is why I’m declaring July the Get it DONE Month (GiDM).

But rather than simply making a list (my usual course of action), GiDM is going to take it a step further. GiDM is going to give me a deadline.

Or, rather, several deadlines.

For each project, I’m actually going to assign a day to Get it DONE. And if that day passes, and the project is UN-done, well, you never have to trust me again.


1. Paint the new-to-me file cabinet.
You guys don’t even know about this one because I figured it would be such a small project I would just tell you about it when I was done. HA. HA, I say. Because I’m useless. But the story is that I bought a $15 file cabinet on Craigslist. (Our current system is only one drawer that tends to fall out of the desk anytime it’s opened and also happens to be too cramped to really help with organizing. Organization lesson #35: If you don’t want to even open a drawer, odds are you’re not going to take the time to open it, find the correct folder, and file your important paperwork.)

The cabinet is the perfect size, but it is old, folks. And rusty. So for about $20, I bought some sandpaper, spray primer, and spray paint to gussy it up. And that bag of supplies has sat in the corner of my bedroom for about three weeks. Ohhhh me.

Part of the problem is that this is a project I really need to do outside and then be able to leave outside to cure and off-gas before I bring it in. And since I don’t have any dedicated outdoor space at our apartment, well, I’m at an impass.

BUT. My in-laws have a lovely, fenced-in backyard that they have offered to me in the past for painting projects, so the new plan is to bring the file cabinet there, sand, prime and paint it, and then bring it home in it’s new lovely form. (Assuming the offer to paint in their backyard is still good…?)

My plan is actually to get this project started THIS weekend, possibly on Saturday afternoon. If I can get it sanded and primed, then I can go back Monday night to do the painting, and then have it in my home by next weekend. So the start date is SATURDAY, JUNE 16TH.

2. Paint the china cabinet.
Oh, ho, ho! The ol’ “I’m going to paint this cabinet for realz” gag. Remember when I told you this was going to happen? Well, this time I’m serious.

I found this “liquid sander” stuff (it’s also called deglosser) that I think I can use to skip the sanding step. That, combined with primer, should do it, right? And keep me from slicing myself to smithereens on the glass/potential knives, right?

Painting/papering the inside of the cabinet will be trickier, but I have a plan. So this project will begin on SATURDAY, JUNE 30TH, and probably take about a week? Right?

If anyone is feeling the urge to paint and wants to help out, I will gladly welcome it.

3. Create the honeymoon shadow boxes for the bedroom.
Whaaaaat? I still haven’t done this yet? I suck. I’m pretty sure the only thing holding me back is that I wanted to buy some matting for the back of the frames.

I. Suck.

So I’m going to do that. And this is going to get done on SUNDAY, JULY 8TH. Because anything less than that is doubly shameful.

I also have a series of projects to finish for a gender-reveal party I’m planning in July, but the mom-to-be is a loyal reader of this blog, so those will have to stay a secret for now.

Ok, so three things. A medium-sized project, a mammoth project, and a little project. I CAN DO THIS.

What have you been putting off? Want to join me in my GiDM?