The Wanted and The Weekend

Welp, I survived the tween concert. It was actually pretty fun to bop around to happy music. And we were in the balcony, so I didn’t even have to deal with getting jostled by over-excited kids.

See? Don’t we look happy?

The cutest moment was definitely when The Wanted pulled these three 12-year-old girls (in matching, homemade The Wanted T-shirts) on stage and serenaded them.

Homegirls legit sobbed throughout the entire thing. They were just so overwhelmed with joy. They were still crying in the lobby afterward. I mean, when you’re that big of a fan, how do you come back from that? How do you go back to middle school? They are ruined for life in terms of boys.

Boy: Hey, Jenny. Wanna go out sometime?

Jenny: Well…The Wanted once pulled me on stage (at a televised event), serenaded me, hugged me three times and kissed my cheek. In front of everyone. ON TELEVISION. What you got?

That’s how I imagine many, many conversations will go. Because, you guys. For a minute, they had a chance.

I mean, they didn’t. But they did.

Because, it has to be said, these boys are EXACTLY what a teen girl wants. They’re cute, they’re older (Apparently three of them are 23? So it’s not entirely weird to find the attractive? What?), they sing, they dance, they’re famous, they’re British. And at least one of them is everyone’s type. Erin and I played the game of “which of these boys would our high school/college/current selves be attracted to?”

In case you were wondering. Hmm?


And it has to be said, there was a lot of screaming going on, so anytime they spoke, we had no idea what they were saying. But you could still hear their accents, so people were still going crazy. It’s too easy for these guys.

So, in short, it was fun and I’m glad we did it. I’m also really, really glad we were nowhere near the cameras.

So this weekend is shaping up pretty well, though I think I’m going to be crazy busy. Today, the hubs and I are kicking things off with an afternoon at the beach.


See you on Monday!