Check, check, check.

Well, guess who had a super productive evening yesterday?

It was me, you guys. I have no idea what the rest of you do with your time.

But seriously. So. Productive.

First, (and my Facebook followers already know this) I actually got started on that file cabinet I mentioned. (And only three days after the deadline I gave myself!!! …I’m awful.) He’s sitting in my in-laws’ backyard, sanded and primed and waiting for his first coat of paint later today. I named him Fillip. (GET IT??)(I know, it doesn’t really work. I don’t care. That’s his name.)

Second, I finished the invitations for Megan’s gender reveal party, and they came out pretty cute. I’ll be mailing them today, so I’ll let y’all in on the details on Friday after they’ve been received.

Third, the hubs and I actually cooked dinner together, which we rarely do, mostly because our kitchen is kind of cramped and you tend to bump into each other a lot. But he made turkey burgers and I made kale chips and a salsa to put on top of the burgers. It was delicious and nutritious. So basically, we’re awesome.

It’s so nice to finally check things off the ol’ to-do list. Can’t wait to show you guys everything!

Anyone else have an accomplishment-packed day?

2 thoughts on “Check, check, check.

  1. Short answer, yes, a lot of it ticket related.

    Bought concert tickets. Bought plane tickets to see my brother. Payed a bunch of parking tickets. Found the key for my storage unit and opened it up to see what’s in there in preparation for my move. Got the lease for my new apartment and got a copy to my new roommate (Erik). Made arrangements for said lease to be signed and sent back to me today to take in to the realtor. Made arrangements for his half of the funding of the security deposit to be put into my bank account so I can take that to the realtor as well. Made myself spaghetti with meat sauce, and watched the last two innings of the Cubs game, which, in a rare but exciting turn of events, they won. (All this after I got home from work at 7:30.)

    Boom. Productive.

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