Going places.

So, try not to be too jealous, but I have two out-of-state trips in the next five days.

I know, you guys. Who do I think I am?

Answer: Awesome. I think I am awesome.

Both trips were decided within the last 12 hours, too, so you can’t even be mad that I haven’t told you before then. I share information as it hits me, folks.

First up, I’m hopping in the newly oil-changed Benny on Saturday for a road trip to visit the ever lovely Susan in DC. I haven’t seen her since my Chicago trip last April, and it has been far too long.

Sue and her boyfriend (who, incidentally is my good friend from college…totally taking all the credit) are in DC for the summer on legal internships. Plus, I have quite a few friends from college and past internships who have settled there, so it will be a big reunion all around.

It’s kind of nice re-visit a place you’ve been to several times. I feel zero obligation to see any monuments since I’ve done that repeatedly, so I can just focus on the people. And the Jumbo Slice, of course.

I’m only staying over one night, so then it’s back to New York on Sunday afternoon.

Then I go to work on Monday. Snore.

THEN. Joey picks me up from work and whisks me to the airport because we’re going to…Las Vegas!

I’m pretty stoked. I’ve never been and always wanted to see it. We’re going for two nights. JetBlue has this amazing deal going on where you can get the flights and two nights at a hotel over July 4th, so we snapped it up. It’s going to be over 100 degrees, and there’s a pool. Sorry I’m not sorry I’m going to finally stop being translucent.

I think I already have our dinner place locked down in Vegas, but any other recommendations are highly appreciated. (Assuming I don’t just turn into the laziest person alive and hang out by the pool all day. Which could happen. Just saying.)

Anyone else have fun plans for the holiday? Or recommendations for me?