I’ve never been much of what you would call a partier. I mean, I’m the girl who a cardigan to a legit night club, remember?

But I tell you what, folks. I’ve done you proud over the last week.

You knew about my impromptu trip to DC and our spontaneous 4th in Vegas, but then on Saturday I also had a late night in the city that ended with a trek through Brooklyn at two in the morning.

Who am I, you guys?

So anyway. I’m tired today. And mildly concerned my old-lady mentality is going to fight back against all these whipper-snapper activities by smiting me with a debilitating illness. (That oughta slow me down…)

But for now, I’ll just brew the coffee a smidge stronger (intentionally this time), get back into my workout routine, and eat a few more fruits and veggies. And hope my body just doesn’t notice that we got significantly less sleep than normal in the last week.

Because, I mean really. I’m not actually 80. (Though I am 25 at the end of the month…eep.)

Anyone else have a crazy week? We can just blame the holiday, right?