What I wish I knew.

There are so many things I wish I knew how to do.

I wish I knew how to make clothes. I wish I knew how to design websites (like, really knew, without feeling like I’m going to make something blow up if I insert the wrong code). You already know how I wish I knew how to upholster furniture, but you might not know I also wish I knew how to build furniture. You know. With saws…and…stuff.

Sometimes I think back on the school and education decisions I’ve made, and I think, dang. You couldn’t have squeezed a shop class somewhere in there? Or taken that second semester of home ec where they covered the basics of sewing machines?

I mean, I’ve obviously managed to get by just fine. I even taught myself to use my sewing machine (as long as all I have to do is sew straight lines). And it’s not like I have been held back career-wise because I opted to take that 8th writing class.

But I can’t shake the feeling that I would be happier if I could do these things.

Being self-sufficient has always been a big deal for me. I hate asking for money. I hate needing other people to do things for me. I hate waiting around for help, which is part of why I’ve learned to do so many things myself. (The list above obviously excluding.)

Which is why I’ve decided to take a stand on this.

The fact is, I’m almost 25. I’m not almost dead. There is no reason why I can’t still learn to do all of the above.

I’m going to start with the one I consider to be the most basic: sewing. Because there’s a big, wide world of non-straight lines out there. And I’m tired of having a specific dress or skirt in my head and not being able to find it in a store.

Fortunately, there are a couple of places near me that offer sewing classes. So I’m signing up! First class is August 1st.

Because you’re only old when you’ve stopped learning, right?

What have you always wished you knew how to do? What’s stopping you?