How my brain works.

As much as I love freelancing, it sure does put a cramp in blogging.

Especially when my freelance assignment is to blog. About my life. (I know, guys. Sometimes I can’t believe people would pay me to do that either.)

Because while I’m super thrilled someone wants me to do that, it’s difficult when I’ve already promised the most interesting part of my day to someone else. Because it means I can’t share it with you guys for a couple of months. Which means I just sound super boring, when really it’s just that my interesting parts are a secret for the moment.

I could probably word that better, but I think you get what I mean.

A lot of it has to do with our apartment, which has been getting a lot of updates recently. So while I can’t share all the specifics, here’s something interesting to discuss: I think I’m finally figuring out how to use the space we have most effectively.

I mean, sure, I would still love that extra room, but considering we’re going to be in our current place for another nine months (oof), it would be silly to sit around for almost a whole other year pretending like we do have that extra space. So I’ve gotten a little more creative.

It started with reorganizing the closets. (What? Only I’m interested in organizing closets? Well…this is going to be an uncomfortably boring post for you then.)

I spend what you might call an unusually substantive amount of time mentally reorganizing our closets/apartment. As in, I literally picture our closet space in my brain and shuffle (and re-shuffle) things around imagining where I could tuck the few things that still haven’t found an official home in the apartment. (i.e. suitcases, laundry baskets, sewing supplies, etc.)

While it would be swell to have an actual office or laundry room to put these things, for now I would be pleased as punch if I could just find a place for them that wasn’t the strip of floor between my side of the bed and the wall. Because waking up to clutter is, you know, bad for your brain. Probably.

So anyway. I do a lot of organizing in my brain. I’m a freak. Moving on.

But the biggest perk to being such a Type A weirdo mentally organized person is that when I finally have time to physically move things around, it’s a fairly straight-forward process. I just do the things I’ve been thinking about.

For example, last week, I had an afternoon to go through both of our clothes closets (there’s on in the hall and one in our bedroom), remove clutter, reorganize the clothes, and replace the clothes-warping wire hangers with new, matching hangers. Yeah, it was a little Mommie Dearest of me. But minus the psychotic screaming. Mostly.

I also finally got around to reorganizing the shoe explosion in the closet. (Okay…they were my shoes. Sue me.)

And, you guys. The closets looked SO much better. I even color-coordinated Joey’s side. (He was thrilled, naturally.)(Okay, he just thought it was neat.)(LITERALLY.)

Doesn’t that just make your brain feel calmer? I should have taken more pictures of my side. (WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T CARE WHAT MY SIDE LOOKED LIKE?) I don’t know how long it will last, but just knowing it was there once gives me hope for the future.

Then last night, I took things to the next level by clearing out the top shelf in our bedroom closet to create just enough room for…the suitcases! The very same suitcases that have been living in that narrow strip of floor between my side of the bed and the wall! Huzzah!

I can’t tell you how much better it is for my brain to wake up and see clear floor space instead of giant clunky suitcases.


Anyway. I guess the point to writing all of this out is to ask the question: Am I the only one who does this? When you need to reorganize a closet or room, how much forethought do you put into it? Or do you just dive in and hope things work out in the end?

My next goal is to straighten out the top shelf in our front closet. Because I just know we’re not using that space as effectively as we could. AND THAT’S A BIG DEAL, YOU GUYS.

Sigh. #Firstworldproblems, amiright?