Everything that’s wrong with me right now.

Hooooooo-shah, folks.

Let’s have a little update on the state of Justine, shall we? Or, really, another blog post of topics I couldn’t flesh out into full posts. Because…well…you’ll understand by the end of this.

First (and most pressing) things first, something is wrong with my shoulder. At least, I think it’s my shoulder. Last night, something in left shoulder, upper back, left side of my neck suddenly shifted out of place, and now certain movements result in quite a bit of pain. Especially when I’m lying down. (ASK ME HOW AWESOME SLEEPING WAS!!!)(Or rather, not sleeping.)

So…yeah. Awesome.

Fortunately, I recalled that I had an Amazon Local voucher for an hour-long massage and chiropractic evaluation. SCORE. Unfortunately, they’re closed on Thursdays, so I can’t go until tomorrow. BUT A GLORIOUS DAY TOMORROW SHALL BE.

I also have a physical tomorrow, so hopefully I can talk to the doc about my sore heel and finally get a referral to a dermatologist so I can get my skin cancer check. Party.

SPEAKING of that sore heel. Welp, folks, it finally happened. Despite not having any kind of running injury for a couple of years (sigh), all is not well. It started a little over a week ago, when I began getting these little flushes of heat in my left heel at random times. It’s the weirdest feeling. One second I’m just sitting there, the next it feels like my left heel floods with warmth. It’s not uncomfortable at all, it just feels weird. But the actual heel doesn’t feel warm when I touch it. Has anyone experienced anything like that?

Anyway, then it started just feeling sore from time to time. Not good considering I have to start training for my third half in a couple of weeks. Not good at all.

So for now, I’m trying to keep up with my cardio without actually running. Last night, I got on an elliptical for the first time in literally years. Blah.

In other “Justine’s body” news? I need to get my hair did like whoa. Right now, I’m sporting what you might call “accidental ombre.” Or rather, my roots are just quite grown out. The appointment is on August 4th. Let’s DO this, remaining 16 days.

In other words, I’m falling apart. Such a great precursor to turning 25 in just over a week. Excellent.

Let’s all whine together, guys! Leave me a comment telling me something that’s bugging you. I promise to respond with RESOUNDING agreement that you don’t deserve whatever is happening to you.

7 thoughts on “Everything that’s wrong with me right now.

  1. Well, aside from my obvious everyday irritants of having two part-time jobs I don’t want and too many friends far away, I want to complain Bout the humidity!! Maybe I’m just spoiled because I spent most of the last year in the humid-free city of Culver City, CA, but c’mon Midwest! I’d like to do my hair without sweating and actually enjoy being outside! Plus, as you know, I’m also training for a half marathon and I suck at breathing in these conditions.
    Thanks for the whine-outlet 🙂 Hope your heel gets better! I actually have had that problem before, probably in college, but just waited it out and didn’t go to the doctor

    • I usually don’t go to the doc either (probably not a good thing), but I had a physical scheduled anyway, so I figure I might as well!

  2. Ugh. I feel so stalkerish when I say things like this every comment but OMG I totally know!
    1. Totally slept funny on my shoulder Saturday night. For the next three days I had to ice my shoulder at work using frozen peas. Rumors circulated that Courtney’s “Old college sports injury had flared up”. What injury was that you might ask? Dunking. Apparently people believe you when you jokingly tell them that you once dunked in college and got a technical for hanging on the rim too long.
    2. I went to the chiropractor and she fixed me. I love her.
    3. I kinda fell apart at 25 also. Things that people would complain about that I never experienced I suddenly experienced. My hair stopped growing as fast. Foods upset me. Bummer times.

    • So…what you’re saying is that I need to find a way to get out of this whole “birthday” thing, right?

  3. Your heel…planter fasciitis? Which would stink! Spin classes are good to keep up cardio. I happen to dislike elliptical.

    I broke my neck 3 weeks ago diving into water. Kinda sucks big time. Biggest frustration, the inactivity.

    My mom just sent me some dry shampoo or something with color (blond) to cover my roots. Lord knows when I’ll get in!

    • Ok, everyone else can just stop playing because “I broke my neck 3 weeks ago” is officially the worst thing to have to complain about. Dang girl!!

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