What Guys Should Wear for Pictures

Ok, I know I said there wouldn’t be much posting this week, but I did want to share one thing.

So remember how my sister is a super cool model/photographer? SO cool, in fact, that she was also the genius behind my engagement pictures?

Well, since then, her photography business has been blowin’ up (as the kids say) with engagement, family, and head shot shoots. (Seriously, check it out.)(And if you’re in the Des Moines area, HIRE HER NOW.)

And since we’re still (sort of) near our 1-year anniversary, I asked her to photograph Joey and I for posterity. And I’m really excited! If she can make us look half as good as her other subjects, we should end up with some pretty sweet pictures.

But, since I’m me, my first concern is naturally what the heck we’re going to wear. Actually, I should clarify. It’s what the heck Joey is going to wear.

I feel like the internet is pretty helpful to girls trying to figure out what to wear in engagement pictures/portraits/etc., but it seems like there is less advice out there for dudes. Dudes are important too!

So I put together a quick round-up of guy ensembles that I think photograph pretty well, based on the literally thousands of engagement shoots I’ve seen. Let’s start with the formal look.

1. You really can never go wrong with a well-cut blazer, like this American Rag Jacket. It will give even jeans a little polish, and it’s also helpful for streamlining any look.

2. Am I the only one who’s a sucker for a guy in gingham? Get one that actually fits you, like this ASOS Slim Fit Gingham Shirt, for a tailored look. (Or, here’s an idea: Actually get it tailored. You’re welcome.)

3. Your pants should fit too. Try these ASOS Slim Fit Smart Pants in Black. Trust me when I say you’ll wear them a million times.

4. Another shirt option? Try a charcoal button-down with a black skinny tie. To make it super easy, just buy this Merona Men’s Shirt & Tie 2-Piece Combo. One-stop shopping!

5. A classic watch (like the Citizen Eco-Drive Watch) will make it look like you actually put a little effort into your look.

6. You can never own too many skinny ties. I also like this Sovereign Code Stripe Skinny Tie.

7. I don’t care how old you are; you’re too old for ugly shoes. Invest in a classic pair of shoes, like these Banana Republic Thomas Dress Oxford Shoes.

Now, most photographers will also let you incorporate a second look into your photo shoot, so it’s ok to go a little more casual this time around. What ISN’T ok? Sloppy T-shirts. Here’s how to do casual correctly.

1. Yeah…so…I have a thing for boys in henleys. Let’s not talk about it. I’m just saying…buy this Converse One Star Men’s Double Layer Henley.

2. If you’re one of those guys who is already freaking out about the idea of dressing up at all, shame on you. But because I’m eternally generous, I’m going to say it’s ok to wear a T-shirt IF AND ONLY IF you truly have the figure to pull it off and it fits as well as this G by GUESS Element Short-Sleeve Slit Shirt. IF AND ONLY IF.

3. You probably already own a pair of great jeans, so you’re set. If not, buy these Joe’s Jeans Classic Straight Leg Jeans.

4. Here’s a secret: Every girl loves a guy in a plaid shirt. Plus, they happen to photograph pretty darn well. Try this Crate Benchmark Tissue Long-Sleeved Plaid Shirt.

5. I’m only going to say this once: Real men wear cardigans. WELL. If you don’t already have one, try this Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen Basic Solid Cardigan.

6. WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT SKINNY TIES? Try this Wembley Camden Plaid Skinny Tie tucked under a grey cardigan with jeans. Because you did listen to me about the cardigan and jeans, right?

7. A pair of really cool canvas shoes finish off this look. These are Vans, but I couldn’t find a link to purchase, which leads me to think they might be custom. Anyone know where to find them?

So there you have it! Did any of you take engagement photos? What did you wear?