25 Things to Know Before You’re 25: Part 3

We’re just flying through these, folks. I promise I didn’t break it into a million parts because I couldn’t handle writing them all at once (or as a cheap ploy to get more page views or something). I just started writing them out and it looked like a lot of text to get through in one sitting. Instead of a giant main course, think of these as a bunch of little snacks. Who doesn’t like snacks?

Moving on.

11. “You should know you’re not in college (it’s been three years for most of us, people). Blacking out/constant partying is now not only unattractive (was it ever attractive?) but concerning. You should know how to go out tastefully.” – Celine Purcell

Ok, first things first, I have to get something out of the way. I kind of have a girl crush on Celine. Not only is she brilliant and hilarious, she’s also just insanely cool. For the last few months, she has been traveling the world (she has gone to Zimbabwe AND Madrid), and I just consider her one of the bravest people I know.

Phew. Glad to get that out of my system. Back to her tip. Seriously, folks. As we all know, I have never been a party animal, but I can still appreciate a night out to let off some steam. A line is crossed, however, if your night out still has the potential to end in jail or the hospital. Most of us have legit jobs at this point, or at least friends with jobs who will not be pleased if they only get three hours of sleep Thursday night because they had to bail you out of something. Besides, you have to admit that you just can’t party like you used to anymore. Why put yourself through the pain?

12. You should know how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the Internet at large (even if you choose not to).

Before anyone can get uppity, I’m not saying you need these things in your life to be an adult. You certainly don’t. In fact, I would venture that it’s probably easier to be an adult without them. But you should certainly be aware of them, and you should have a pretty good idea how they function. This is the world we live in, and no matter what career path you’ve chosen, I guarantee you will encounter these things and they will affect you. At the very least, we should know by now what is NOT okay to post, right? Guys??

13. “You should know how to only worry about things you can control and give up stressing about things you can’t. It’s probably the lesson I value most.” – Mandi Woodruff

I know you’re probably tired of hearing how much I like my friends. But you’ll just have to bear with me.

I met Mandi during my ASME internship in 2008. (Gahhh we’re old.) I liked her immediately for her authenticity and smarts, and as I got to know her better, I learned what a witty, genuinely nice person she is. Now I follow her adventures biking all over New York (including Manhattan…a feat that still gives me the willies) on her blog, but she’s also another person I admire for striking out on her own and booking solo trips around the world and just generally being a brave person. (Seeing a pattern in what I admire in people?)

I really liked this tip of hers, especially because I think it’s something that, while we might have realized it’s something we should be concerned about at 25, it’s probably going to take us the rest of our lives to really believe it. But we’re all at an age where we should have experienced enough success and failure to realize what is in our control and what isn’t. And we should be getting closer to being okay with that.

14. “Also, you should know how to sew a button! Not kidding.” -Mandi, again.

This is just a fact. It’s not hard. If you’re still not sure, I GIVE YOU KNOWLEDGE.

15. “You should know there’s a relationship between your paycheck and expenses…a relationship that doesn’t involve the Bank of Parental Units.” – Celine, again.

I talk fairly candidly about my finances on this blog, and I make no secret about how important it is to be to be financially independent. It always has been, which is why I was such a rabid saver most of my life.

As we get older and, ideally, start receiving better paychecks, I honestly think it gets a little harder to be as responsible as we once were. But if nothing else, we should realize that we’re getting to an age where mounds of credit card debt and an inability to live on a budget is going to start affecting our life in a major way if we can’t get it under control.

Okay, over halfway done! See ya tomorrow.