25 Things to Know Before You’re 25: Part 4

Well, the big day is tomorrow. Wacky. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the series thus far.

And NOW. The penultimate post. Enjoy.

16. You should know that you can still get a sunburn even when it’s cloudy and that there is no magical pill that will make you lose weight and that should never, ever comment on a woman’s weight.

Basically, you should have some common sense and general awareness of how the world works. It sort of baffles me that there are still people who seem completely ignorant of these very basic concepts.

17. “You should know how to ask for help…and how to know there are times you need to realize you’re a grown-up and help yourself.” – Tara Powers

Tara and I haven’t really known each other very long (and we’ve only met once in person), but she’s one of those people you meet and instantly feel like you’ve known each other most of your lives. Besides our shared passion for running (and eating), she’s incredibly nice, completely genuine, and super handy if you need a dozen cookies in a pinch.

What I love about her suggestion is that it incorporates humility and maturity — two qualities I think are sorely lacking in the world in general. Learning to ask for help has been a difficult thing for me to learn, but I like to think that being 25 means having learned your limits.

18. “How to use a plunger (no, really).” – Tara, again.

‘Nuff said.

19. “You should know that nothing you plan will turn out like you imagine it will. It may not be better or worse, but it will always be different.” – Becca Paszkiewicz

It would be impossible to make a list of my favorite people on Earth without including Becca. I mean…she’s obviously adorable. But she’s also brilliant (what UP getting into grad school!), incredibly kind, and hilarious. As you can tell from this photo, affectionately titled “THE GREATEST PHOTO OF MY BFFs EVER” :

Yes, this is from freshmen year of college. Yes, it was taken during a sleepover in my basement when we snuck out of the house because we really wanted cake. And yes, it looks like we’re stealing a birthday cake. (FULL CIRCLE BECAUSE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT A BIRTHDAY.)

But anyway. Back to her tip. See what I mean about her being brilliant? I read once that expectation is the thief of happiness (or something like that…I think it was Shakespeare…anyway), and really, how true is that? The fact is, nothing is ever going to turn out exactly the way you think it will. So why bother getting so caught up in the details that you can’t deal if things aren’t how you picture them? At this point, we should all remember to check ourselves with this fact.

20. “You should also know that you will make mistakes and make bad choices, but the real crime is not learning from them. (Unless you murder someone, then it’s actually a crime).” – Becca, again.

See what I mean about her being hilarious? But in all seriousness, don’t waste the mistakes. We should know by now that they will happen, and the best thing that can come from it is that we don’t make them again. (Or at least that we get a great story out of it.)

Eeeeeeeee tomorrow is the last installment, dudes. See you on the flip side.