Miss you already.

You guys. I gots some bad news.

Well, bad for you. And really only bad for you in my head.

This is going to be my last post for probably over a week.

I say “probably” because Lord knows I can’t stay away from you guys easily.

I say “over a week” because Joey and I are HEADED TO THE HEARTLAND.

Yup, good ol’ Iowa has been forced to live without me for far too long. So we’re taking a long vacation back to stay with my parents and let my mom cook me food and loaf about and go to the Fair. It’s literally all I want out of a vacation.

So do your best not to despair without me. Read old posts. Follow me on Twitter. And I’ll see YOU on August 14th.

5 thoughts on “Miss you already.

    • I’m sorry! We ended up getting home a day later due to a canceled flight…long story that will be on the blog soon. I haven’t forsaken you!

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