What we did in Iowa.

Hooooo-boy. I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that I’m in a much better mood now than I was when I wrote that post yesterday. THAT was a doozy. (And in case you’re wondering, no, United Airlines still has not replied to my complaints. The ball’s in your court, United. Make it right.)

Anyway. Let’s talk about something fun, shall we?


The rest of our trip was actually very nice. Don’t believe me? Check it, Instagrid style.

1. Home, sweet home. Joey calls this Hotel Blanchard. And boy do they treat you right.

2. Pictures of the corn I took along my morning run. Yes, parts of Iowa do look exactly like what you think they look like.

3. Downtown Des Moines, where we had lunch with my parents at my favorite DSM restaurant, Centro. See? I TOLD you it’s a city.

4. Trip to visit my dad’s office.

5. My adorbs parents at the movies later that night.

6. Dairy Queen Blizzard. We have to get our fix while we can. (Now in the cute-as-pie mini size!)

7. Turning my husband into a corn-fed country boy one ear at a time. Not that he’s complaining.

8. Lunch at the Des Moines Art Center restaurant with my sister and her husband.

9. BBQ with friends and family Saturday night. Here’s me and my lovely momma.


11. First stop: days-old piglets.

12. Second stop: my favorite, the baby goat born that morning. If I ever own enough land, I’m totally getting a goat.

13. Prize winning crops, including a wall of corn.

14. The men and their turkey legs. 1,136 calories each. And worth every single one.

15. Butter cow! ‘Nuff said.

16. THE LONG-AWAITED CUP O’ COOKIES. I’m not even exaggerating when I say this is the best part of the fair. AND MY LIFE. (Okay, that’s a mild exaggeration.)

17. Deep fried Twinkie, anyone?

18. And we ended the night with a little Matt and Susan and a couple of Fat Tires at The Royal Mile. The perfect ending, if you ask me.

All in all, a pretty great trip. We saw a bunch of friends and family (even though hardly any of my friends live in Des Moines anymore!), ate great food, and got loads of sleep. Thanks to my parents for hosting and everyone else who helped make it such a great trip!

11 thoughts on “What we did in Iowa.

  1. I love Centro!!! And how cute is the pic of your dad work?!

    What is cup of cookies? and how can I make it?

    You’re kinda making me wanna fly over there… except, you know, I’d have to go on United 🙂

    PS – never seen your house before – whoa! I would call it Hotel Blanchard too.

    • Cup o’ cookies is just a styrofoam cup of mini chocolate chip cookies hot out of the oven — so simple but SO delicious!

      I should have called you to help me figure out the United disaster! haha

      And I know, I hardly ever had people over to the house because it’s so far out of the way! But if you ever get stuck in Des Moines, I’m sure my parents wouldn’t mind hosting you 🙂


    And, I love that you went to the Iowa State Fair because I listen to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show every day…and they always talk about their trips to the fair!!

    • Cup of cookies WILL change your life.

      And yes! We actually tried to find him, but had no luck. It’s a big place, this Iowa State Fairgrounds.

  3. i loved this post! i actually JUST moved to des moines and recognized the centro street corner 🙂

  4. Looks like an awesome trip for sure!! 🙂 Glad you’ve a better post today, that’s pretty shittay that they haven’t cared enough to respond to your complaints, though they may have a large large list of them 🙂 Happy Thursday!

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