Drop me a line.

So I promise I wasn’t lying to you when I said I wouldn’t be doing a lot of posting this week. I really am busy.


Yesterday, I posted a photo of my new work desk.

It’s fairly barren, which is to be expected, but I want to dress it up a bit down the line.The only thing that was currently on my desk was a card (featuring narwhals) that I got from my dear friend Susan a while back.

One of my regular blog commenters and Instagram followers, Courtney, had the BRILLIANT idea that I should petition my readers to send me postcards to decorate the back wall of my desk.

Um…I love that idea. Like, really.

So basically, what I’m asking is: Would you guys do that? Post cards are cheap, right? And you would totally be famous. (Kind of.)(In my world.) AND, if you have a blog, just include the URL in the postcard message and I’ll even feature you here. On my OWN blog. Kind of meta, right? We’ll call it Blog-On-Blog Love. Because who doesn’t love a scandal?

Anyway. If you are interested in sending me a super awesome postcard (remember, this is going to be displayed in my super cool new office…make me look good), please leave a comment with your email address and I’ll be in touch with where you should send it.

This is going to be fun! (Promise!)

21 thoughts on “Drop me a line.

  1. Just discovered your blog today and I think it’s awesome 😀 Also, I have a random collection of cool postcards that really I should send XD So I’d love to send you one 😀 My e-mail address is amyharrison@live.co.uk 😀 I love snaily mail stuff 😀

  2. I’d love to send a postcard! I actually have a few from my graphic design class you might enjoy.

    PS – I worked on Drake Mag with Tara/Max/Erin when I was a baby freshman, but I found your blog through E&C. Loved your guest post!

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