Book Review: Trust Your Eyes

This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club, but the opinions expressed are my own.

If there’s one thing you need to know about Linwood Barclay’s Trust Your Eyes, it’s that nothing and no one is who they initially seem. This is the first thriller I’ve read as part of BlogHer’s Book Club, and it certainly lived up to the genre.

The book introduces us to two brothers, Ray and Thomas, alike in many ways but forever separated by one sharp difference: Ray is a talented artist and cartoonist for multiple newspapers and websites; Thomas suffers from schizophrenia and believes he is helping the CIA and former President Clinton prepare for a cataclysmic event that will wipe out all online maps and navigation systems. It’s his “job” to memorize the layout of every city in the world using Whirl360 (a website similar to Google’s Street View) so he can redraw the maps after this happens. And he’s already memorized most of the cities around the world you can probably name off the top of your head.

When their father’s death brings the two back together, Ray is still trying to wrap his head around his grief and the increasingly suspicious circumstances of the tragedy when Thomas becomes fixated on something he spots in a window on Whirl360 — what he is convinced is a person being smothered.

The novel packs many twists and turns as the brothers discover just how far this crime could go (and how far many important figures will go to cover it up), but my only complaint while reading is that Barclay is pretty heavy-handed with his forshadowing. If we were boxers, you would say Barclay telegraphs all of his hits — for me, the strike is best when I don’t even see it coming.

Ultimately, though, the book does a pretty good job keeping you guessing until the final page, when you’re delivered a last blow even I didn’t see coming.

Have you read Trust Your Eyes? What did you think? Did you predict a lot of the plot twists? If you want to discuss it further, join us on the BlogHer Book Club discussion page here.