My New Life

Guess what! I somehow managed to get ready in record time this morning, leaving me a few minutes to crank out a post. Hooray!

Obviously, I’ve been pretty busy lately. But it’s in a really good way.

The new job is (so far) everything I hoped it would be. I’m having fun, but I’m still challenged and (obviously) not bored. Here’s hoping it lasts.

Of course, a fun, challenging, not boring job means I’m not exactly sitting at my desk writing blog posts for you lovely people. Here’s an idea what my new life is like.

6:00 a.m. – Wake up and go for a run.

6:45 – Home to shower and get ready for the day. Ideally I’d have packed my lunch and anything I need to take with me the night before. I’d also have thought about what I want to wear on the run, so that decision goes quicker.

7:43 – Train, where I’ll either read or (ha!) blog.

9:00-6:00 – WORK.

6:30 – Train, more reading.

7:40 – Home. If I haven’t run that morning, I’ll go to the gym, but I prefer the morning workouts until it gets too cold.

As you can see by the above schedule, anything extra either has to be crammed into the evening hours (also knows as the only time Joey and I can spend together) or on the weekends. And since pretty much every weekend this month has been jam-packed with activities…not that much has gotten done around the apartment.

Although it is still super awesome that Joey takes care of dinner. It’s much more relaxing to walk in the door and be able to relax and eat good food than to have to immediately start doing something.

So I still have curtains and a couple of pillows to sew, and I need to switch a couple of rugs around, and the whole place could probably do with a good scrub.

But I’m happy with my new life. I feel like myself again.

ANYWAY. Enough about me. How have y’all been?