Cautiously optimistic.

I finally finished the book. (It was Gone Girl, by the way.)

I can recommend it. I wasn’t crazy about the ending, but it still suited the story and I don’t think I would have been happier with the other ways it could have ended, so…I really liked it.

The point is, I’m back to needing distractions on the train. (Side note: I’m reading Vonnegut right now, but I have the other two-thirds of my bridesmaid gift, an Amazon gift card to fill my Kindle, to spend, so I’m extremely interested in book recommendations right you know. You know, kind of like I always am.)

Speaking of the train, I’ve been a little nervous to say this aloud for fear of drawing the wrath of the commuting gods upon my head, but I haven’t even minded taking it lately. Like, at all.

I mean, sure, it’s kind of a bummer if I stay in the city for the evening because there are only local trains to my stop, complete with about 20 local stops, and sometimes I get to Penn about 12 minutes before my train and have to stand around for a while, but in general, I’ve been trying to really appreciate my train time.

It’s definitely one of those “you don’t know what you have until it’s lost” kind of things because I didn’t realized how much I accomplished on the train until I had to start driving to work again. Now, I get so much reading done, I catch up on news on my phone, and I am very up-to-date one what my friends do on Facebook and Instagram.

If you ask me, that’s a much better use of time than listening to the radio and silently cursing the guy who just cut into my lane without signaling.

Plus, the chance of getting in another car accident is slim to none.

Of course, I think a big part of my new-found zen is that I know the situation is temporary. Joey and I are planning to move closer to the city in the spring, so the LIRR will (once again) not be my problem.

It’s easier to deal with anything when you know it has an expiration date.

But for now, I’m staying positive. I’m appreciating my time to read and blog and surf the Internet.

You know, until the first snowstorm of the year cancels the first train on my line and I’m forced to deal with Everything That Is Wrong With The World.

Fingers crossed for global warming.