Drawing the Line

This is the first time I’ve ever had a job I would continue to think about after hours.

I feel like that’s sort of weird. All my life, I’ve heard from friends and coworkers that they couldn’t sleep because they were thinking about work or that they just couldn’t leave work at work. But I’ve never really even that person.

Sure, if things were really bad, I would carry that emotion with me. I would obviously remember and need to rehash anything that happened that was really great or really annoying. But I was usually so glad to just be done with work that I think I put up a mental block.

Anything that was still yet to be resolved? It would keep until the next day.

But something shifted with this new gig. Maybe it’s because it’s the first time in a while that I like what I’m doing. And I like being at work. But whatever the reason, this past weekend I couldn’t stop thinking about Monday morning. I knew it would be a busy day, and it didn’t disappoint.

On Sunday night, I even almost checked my work email to clear out any clutter before I even got to the office. And, you know, maybe I could schedule a few Facebook posts. And write a couple blog posts. Just to make Monday easier, right?

But here’s the thing: Monday was going to be busy no matter what. And I’m pretty sure once you cross over into the land of “people who work around the clock,” you never come back. Not really.

And I don’t want be one of those people. I want my job to stay a job. And I’m pretty sure that has to be an active, conscious decision if it’s going to stick.

Does anyone else experience this? How do you draw the line?