On the things we’re afraid of.

An email exchange between Annie and me:

From: Annie
To: Me

Want a peak into my weird brain that ends with a question for you….
So Al and I have been running in the mornings – but its pitch black, but i’m not afraid of running because I’m with someone.
You run in the mornings, and Joey doesn’t go with you….is it still pitch black?  Are you all “on alert”
Then Annie brain goes to – well scary people aren’t awake at 6am so I shouldnt be worried…unless they are so crazy they dont sleep at all…or all totally nocternal so they are actually at peak time of crazying.
So….do you run alone in the morning dark?

From: Me
To: Annie

Haha funny you should ask!

Yes, when I run in the morning it is dark. I tell myself much the same thing you say, that the crazies aren’t up yet. There’s actually a really hilarious scene from 30 Rock that I repeat to myself a lot, where Elizabeth Banks’s character gets back from an early run that goes like this:

Jack Donaghy: Where were you?
EB: Jogging.
Jack: Who else is out at this hour?
EB: Almost exclusively women who look like me. God help us if the pervert community ever gets wind of morning jogging.

So that is what I TELL myself, but I also know for a fact that there is a homeless man who sleeps under a bridge I have to run over. I know this because, while he is still asleep when I start out, he is ALWAYS just waking up and shaking out his sleeping bag when I’m on my way home. We made eye contact last time I ran. Obviously, this is how I’m going to die.

At least now I’ve told someone? If I disappear on a morning jog, it was probably the homeless man under the bridge on W******* Avenue over S****** Highway. [Ed. note: See? I’m too paranoid to even tell you the roads near where I run!]

…I’m probably not helping your crazy paranoia, am I?

From: Annie
To: Me

ummm….i almost turned around this morning because there were two weird looking people just standing in the street ahead of us……
…….kids with backpacks waiting for the bus…….

From: Me
To: Annie

I just chortled out loud imagining that. Mostly because, this morning, when I was driving to the train station, these two girls walking to their bus stop passed in front of my car, and one made a point of waving at me until I waved back. It wouldn’t have been weird if she hadn’t been, like, 13. All I could think was, “WHAT IS SHE UP TO?”

This is why we’re friends. (Also, I’m for sure blogging this.)

4 thoughts on “On the things we’re afraid of.

  1. I usually start running while it’s still dark, but the sun usually comes up within 15 minutes. I like to run with music when I’m not running with friends, but I make sure to leave it off until it’s light out and I can see there are plenty of other runners out there too. I also like to stick to a park because a.) you have to be extra aware of cars when you’re on the roads since they can barely see you either and b.) it’s also really hard to keep an even pace if you have to also watch for potholes, broken sidewalks, etc.

    I don’t know how much “stuff” you like to run with, but I say the less, the better. If you don’t want to deal with carrying your phone or ID, a Road ID is a good investment for only $20. I have a shoe ID and it has my name, birth year and emergency contact engraved on it.

    • I remember you blogging something about this a while back. I recently got an armband for my iPhone, mostly because I like using the Nike Running+ app, and in general, I feel safer when I have that on me in case some emergency did arise. My morning runs are usually only dark for the first 20 minutes or so, but I’m kind of looking forward to the daylight savings change so it’s a bit brighter.

  2. This is what I’m afraid of. I don’t like you running in the dark in the morning. Do you carry a can of mace? Love , Mom

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