Post-Hurricane Whining

You guyyyyys.

I feel like I’ve been in this apartment for a month. Getting a wee bit stir-crazy.

To be fair, we have left a couple of times. The day after the storm, we drove to visit Joey’s grandma and make sure she was okay. And we ate at Johnny Rockets because the mall had electricity and we did not. (Desperate times.)

And yesterday, I went to the gym. (Hey, if it’s open…)

But other than that, we’ve been staying put to reserve gas in our cars. (In case…we have to flee? I have no idea. But pretty much every pump has a line around the block, so we’d rather not have to get gas until things calm down a bit.)

The weird thing is, when we stay in our apartment, we can almost pretend like everything is back to normal. We have electricity, Internet, hot water. Last night we ordered delivery sushi. (And, yes, felt a tiny bit douche-y doing it. BUT IF IT’S OPEN, WE WANT TO SUPPORT, YOU GUYS.)

If anything, things are nicer than normal because I’ve been home all week so the apartment has stayed cleaner than normal. (I’m bored, remember? That means lots o’ cleaning going on.)

Like I said, we’ve been very, very fortunate.

That being said, I’m still pretty glad that tonight we have plans outside our home that require us to wear real pants and brush our hair. Because it’s time, guys.

How is everyone else holding up? Getting cabin fever like me? Or too busy worrying about real issues like property damage and lack of electricity? Let me know if I can help!