How to: DIY Candle Holders

The craftiness continues on the blog today!

Another project I was able to complete was painting a trio of wooden candle holders I picked up at a tag sale at work for about a dollar.

I loved the shape of the candle holders, but the dull color left a lot to be desired. As soon as I saw them on the table at the sale, I imagined them in a glossy white, grabbed a few cans of spray paint in another bin (all priced at a dollar each), and we were in business.

First, I wiped the holders down with a damp paper towel to remove any dirt. I would have lightly sanded them, but I didn’t have any sandpaper on hand, and the point of the craft was that it was only costing me two dollars to create.

After wiping them down, I primed the holders with a white spray primer I had on hand.

Already, they looked loads better. After letting the primer dry for around 25 hours, I added a coat of glossy white spray paint. (Tip: Remember to always keep your arm moving when using spray paint to avoid drips or uneven coverage. As I heard one blogger say once, “If the can is spraying, your arm best be swaying.” Dorky, but true.)

I waited another day to give the holders another coat for good measure. Then, they were done!

Much better, right? Now I just need to get some tapered candles, and it will get all kinds of elegant up in here.


Anyone else getting crafty lately? There’s just something about this time of year that makes you want to make stuff over, amiright?