How to: No-Sew Faux Fur Collar

A while ago, I shared my goal of making the most of what I have (you know, instead of just buying new things). And while I did allow myself a little shopping spree a few weeks ago, for the most part, I’ve stuck to my goal.

And with all the working-from-home I’ve been doing in the wake of the hurricane, I actually had time to work on a few wardrobe updates that cost me less than a dollar. Read on for details.

First, I had a somewhat unfair advantage in beginning this project because I have access to the Martha Stewart Employee Tag Sale. Sorry I’m not sorry.

The point is, at the sale, I picked up a bunch of fabric remnants, ribbons, and other items for around $13. The materials I used for this project were less than a dollar total. WIN.

Without further ado, here’s my tutorial for creating a DIY Faux Fur Collar.

DIY No-Sew Faux Fur Collar

12×12-inch piece of faux fur
12×12-inch piece of backing fabric
Fabric/Craft Glue

1. I started by cutting the faux fur into a semi-circle shape. (Note: One thing I wish I would have done? Used a razor to cut the fur just along the backing material. I cut through the whole piece, fur included, which meant I spent a lot of this project vacuuming up stray pieces of faux hair.)

Also, the below image is when I first cut the fur. I tried the collar on a few times and kept trimming until I got it to a shape that fit my neck.

2. Using the trimmed piece of faux fur as a stencil, cut a piece of the backing fabric into the same shape but slightly smaller.

3. Using the fabric or craft glue, attach the backing fabric to the back of the faux fur.

4. Using books or other heavy objects, weight down the fabric until the glue dries.

5. To create the clasp, I used a small fabric-covered button and a gold lobster claw clasp. I sewed mine on (I know, the name of this tutorial is misleading), but if you really can’t sew a button (first, read this), then you can pin each part in place.

And you’re done!

Pretty cute, huh? And considering the whole project cost less than a dollar, it’s that much sweeter.

(Oh, hey there, bold red lip! Check back on the blog tomorrow for my tips on wearing red lipstick without looking like a clown.)(It has literally taken me over 25 years to figure this out.)

Note: I noticed I had a lot of fabric shedding from the sides of the faux fur piece after I cut it. Based on my Google searching, the only solutions I found for this were a) to be more careful when you first start cutting (d’oh) or to bond the sides with fabric/craft glue. I tried this, but it made the edges a little rough. Anyone know a better way around this?

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