My new favorite Etsy shop.

I tend to whine a lot when I feel wronged by a company or brand. Like, a lot. But, as I’ve said before, I only do when the company refuses to treat me like a customer. How many times have you heard me say that my biggest pet peeve is someone saying, “There’s nothing we can do.”

There is always something you can do. Always.

So, in the name of good karma and even better customer service, I’d like to shine a spotlight on someone who recently reaffirmed my faith in good business owners.

A few weeks ago, I was looking for a few chunky infinity scarves, and I started scouring one of my favorite sites, Etsy, where I happened upon the shop Just One Pound. The shop is owned by a girl named Lindsey who lives in Minnesota, and is packed with awesome crochet goodness.

I immediately found a scarf I liked, and since I couldn’t decide between two colors, asked Lindsey if she would be willing to offer a discount for a double order. (Can’t hurt to ask, right?) She told me no one had ever asked before, but she would be happy to give me a 10 percent discount. Already, the girl had won my business forever. (This is why I say people from the Midwest are the nicest.)

I ordered two scarves and happily set in to wait.

About a week later, Lindsey sent me another message that she was having trouble finding yarn in one of the colors I had asked for, so the order would be a little delayed since she had to order it. I didn’t mind the wait, especially because (like a good business), Lindsey was keeping me appraised of the status of my order.

When the scarves arrived a week and a half later, not only were they awesome, but Lindsey ALSO included a free crocheted headband that matched one of the scarves. JUST TO MAKE IT UP TO ME.

I mean, come on. How sweet is that?

It’s kind of ironic to me that a girl who runs her a small business and who hadn’t even upset me all that much was willing to go the extra mile to make her customer happy, and multimillion dollar companies are still using the phrase, “There’s nothing we can do.”

(Side note: Did I ever tell you about the response United finally sent me a month after I complained? They offered me a $100 credit on the next ticket I purchased with them. After I had opened my letter with, “I will never fly United again.” Giving me a discount the next time I give you money is NOTmaking it up to me.And /rant.)

The point is, I will go back to Lindsey whenever I need a scarf. (And you should too! Check out her shop here.) See how easy it is to win me over?

THANK YOU, Lindsey, for being amazing. I will be singing your praises for a long time. (Plus, I love my merchandise!)