The Sort-Of Failure

I’ve been thinking about money a lot lately.

And, no, not in the “what should I buy” kind of way.

As the end if the year creeps closer and closer (side note: It’s almost mid-December, you guys. Mind. Blown.), I’ve been thinking a lot about my financial goals for the year.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that one of my biggest goals this year was to pay of all of my credit card debt. Well, it’s time for me to admit that I’m not quite going to make it.


I recently sold some stock I’ve had since college that made me a pretty decent amount if money, which helped me pay off almost a quarter of the debt amount. And I’m currently working on a freelance project that, once I get my check, will pay off all but a few hundred dollars of the leftover amount. And then, within no more than two months, I’ll be able to pay off the rest.

What I’m saying is, by no later than March I’ll be debt-free once again.

I’m quite giddy at the prospect, which makes waiting for that day to arrive even harder. My giddiness even (almost) makes up for the disappointment if falling just short of my goal. (For the record, I would have made it, but a pretty significant freelance gig fell through. In that the company I was working for just stopped responding to my emails as still owes me a check for the last round of blog posts I sent them. I’d put them on blast, but I can’t shake the glimmer or hope that they’ve jut been really busy…for the last two months…grumble.)

Anyway, it’s going to happen, and soon, and it’s one of the most satisfying feelings ever.

Then I can finally start really saving, hopefully for a down payment on a house (someday). Geez, you guys, when did we get so grown-up?

So I’m curious: Did anyone else have any goals, financial or otherwise, that they set this year? Did you make them? Or fall somewhat short like I did? What’s your next goal?

5 thoughts on “The Sort-Of Failure

  1. I definitely remember having you edit emails for me being like “um, are you EVER going to pay me? … but if you are, please don’t hate me for bugging you because I’d still like to write for you…” It took over six months after publication that one time! So I still have faith. 🙂

  2. Good for you!!! Being debt-free is such a great feeling! This year we set out to pay off my student loans. We decided to forgo savings (except for a nicely-sized emergency fund) that was only making 1% interest and put that money towards my student loans, which were racking up 5-6% interest. I’m proud to say that my loans are paid off!!! Now we can focus on saving for a future down payment without having to worry about that extra monthly bill we used to have. It’s pretty wonderful.

    Seriously, when DID we get so grown up? Good for you in all you’ve accomplished this year!!

  3. I get the same feelings at the end of every year, disappointment .I mean I guess the year could have been worse, shit could have gone all wrong. It just feels that in the last quarter of every single year in my adult life so far just SUCKS. Perhaps it’s the cold weather or being broke with all the birthdays and holidays. I don’t know, but it sucks. I need a vacation I think, but money won’t allow for something like that right now. Maybe next year!

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