Word vomit.

I really want to write you guys a blog post. I DO. Mean it.

But…I mean, I just can’t. It’s the last day of work before holiday break. It’s all I can do to sit in this chair. I certainly can’t be expected to come up with something clever to blog about.


I actually have a blog post about a gymnastics class I took on Wednesday sort of written, but it’s not good enough yet, you guys. And I truly can’t focus enough to make it better. So…it has to wait.

Here’s what I need: a trip to the gym, a shower, and to get dressed up and do something fun. Fortunately, all those things will happen to some degree tonight. As soon as I get out of work.

Did I mention it’s the last day of work before break?

But seriously. I need outa here.

And that’s why you’re getting this cracked out post instead of something good. Again, my apologies.

Hope everyone has a LOVELY break from school/work/whatever it is you do when you’re not on holiday break.