New Year Sum-Uppance, Vol. 4

Okay, okay. I usually do this before the new year actually begins, but as I said yesterday in my top 10 posts round-up, I’m a bit out of sorts (read: busy) this year. Anywho.

As I was looking through my usual sum-uppance questions, I decided it was also time for a little upgrade. So, I give you, the new and improved New Year Sum-Uppance of Justine.

Age: 25 (and still getting asked where I’m planning on attending college…hurrah.)

Location: New York

Occupation: Social Media Manager (because Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest is my life)

Favorite food: Sushi. There is literally never a time when Joey asks me what I want for dinner that my mind doesn’t IMMEDIATELY leap to spicy tuna rolls. I am who I am.

Music I like right now: Snow Patrol and Augustana still hold the keys to my heart, but I also dig Mumford & Sons a lot. What can I say, I like Irish music and men.

TV shows I watch: Ugh, not even worth mentioning. Ninety-nine percent of the television I watch is trash that I only tune into to quiet down my brain after a busy day. The other 1% is The Walking Dead. Obvi. Because, while that might still qualify as trashy, your brain is on high-alert whilst watching. Lest you SOMEHOW NOT HEAR A GRUNTING, WHEEZING, BUMBLING WALKER SNEAK UP ON YOU.

Book I’m reading: I hate reading more than one book at a time, but right now I’m actually slogging through Anna Kerenina and reading Sweet Tooth as part of my office’s book club. Mixed feelings about both.

What’s my hair doing right now: Sort of a joke, but also sort of serious since I talk about it often enough on this blog. Right now it’s long, blonde, and I have bangs. For posterity’s sake, here’s what I look like on most days:

Of course, this is what I actually look like while writing this:

So you win some you lose some…or something.

How I did on my goals from last year: Figure out what I really want to do with my life? For the first time in a few years, I’m actually working a job that is challenging, satisfying, pays me enough to live comfortably, appreciates me, and that I actually look forward to going to. That’s kind of crazy to me, and I’m still pinching myself. So…I think we can check this one off.

Build up the blog into more of a business? I’ll admit, this one kind of fell by the wayside. I still do sponsored posts when the occasion arises, but once I started feeling more fulfilled by my “real” job, I felt less pressure to do something with the blog. Now I’m not really sure what direction it will go in, but for now, we’ll keep plodding along.

Travel? In 2012, I went to Iceland, Chicago, DC, Vegas, Iowa, California, and Vermont. Not bad. (Plus, the hubs and I are planning a BIG trip for 2013…stay tuned!)

Find a way to get a puppy? Blah. This post. That’s all.

Goals for next year: More travel (here’s a hint: AFRICA. Okay, so that’s not a hint. That’s me telling you. But it’s happening.), moving to Brooklyn, paying off the last of my credit card debt, ACTUALLY GETTING A DOG, running a full marathon, staying happy.

It’s funny how much harder it is to make goals when you’re generally pleased with life. Speaking of which…

Overall opinion of my life: Really good. (My answers to this question are ALWAYS lame.)

To elaborate…I’ve always sort of felt like I can never get all aspects of my life in order. Either I was rocking it career/school-wise, but my personal life was out of whack, or I had a great relationship, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life professionally. For the first time, I feel like I have all the plates spinning together. It’s kind of scary. But I’m trying not to psych myself out.

So that’s it! I’m excited for 2013. I feel like it’s going to be my best year yet. (Plus, 2012 was kind of rocky, right?) What are you most looking forward to this year?