I’ve always been one of those people who can’t help but plan ahead.

Sometimes this annoys my husband. He’s worried that my constant planning means it’s impossible for me to ever just enjoy a moment when it finally arrives.

He might be right sometimes.

However, at this point, planning is a crucial part of my personality that I’ll probably never root out completely. And given the amount of peace it gives me to plan, I’ve accepted that.

By that I mean, I’m less of a crazy person when I feel like I have a plan. And with our upcoming move this spring, there’s obviously a lot to figure out.

One of my least favorite parts of living in New York is the moving process. First of all, you better not even dream of looking at an apartment until you are practically getting kicked out of your current place. So while I’ve been keeping tabs on certain neighborhoods and have an idea of how much I’m going to end up spending, I won’t really know where we’ll be living until a week or two before.

I do not like that.

The other thing I hate is that, given the strict timetable, you are forced to move very quickly. (I also hate feeling rushed.)

This wasn’t so much of a problem when we first moved into our current place, but now moving requires transporting several large pieces of furniture and a lot more breakables. I get a little stressed just thinking about it.

Having moved a lot myself in the last five years, I kind of have it down to a science. And I know that one of the biggest parts of moving is getting rid of tons of stuff while both packing and unpacking. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the thought, “Why the heck did I pack this?”)

So, while I cannot do much actual planning for the move, I’ve decided to do as much organizing an stuff purging before March as possible. Starting with every closet.

And hoo-boy, you guys. Did I get rid of a lot of stuff.


There’s also a giant IKEA bag of stuff on the ground, you just can’t see it.

So…yeah. I needed to do this.

But besides helping me prep for a (hopefully) seamless moving process, it also gave me the opportunity to organize my clothes. Which, I don’t know about you, but I love doing. I seriously get a very similar thrill to what I get when I buy new clothes. I’m a freak.

I also color-coded everything. I’M A FREAK, OKAY?



I also organized my underwear drawer (with new drawer inserts I picked up from IKEA), but my friend Taylor convinced me it would be indecent to post that photo. Because y’all are a bunch of prudes or something. Or maybe it’s just that I would someday regret broadcasting a photo of my underwear drawer to the internet…whatever.

So anyway. I’m feeling much better about moving my clothes. My next projects are the desk area, the scary dark corner cabinet in our kitchen (everyone has one, right?), and the bedroom as a whole. Should be interesting.