Review: Palmolive Fresh Infusions

It’s hard to get too excited about doing the dishes.

While it’s certainly not my least favorite chore (lookin’ at you, taking out the garbage), I won’t be sad if we one day own a dishwasher. (As in the appliance…I do not support indentured servitude.)

But something I do Get excited about? Free samples.

So when I received a an email from Influenster asking if I’d like to try out a bonus sample of Palmolive’s new Fresh Infusions dish soap, I figured it couldn’t hurt my dish-washing experience.

When the samples arrived, I was first shocked to see that they sent me not a tiny sample bottle, but three full-sized bottles in three different scents. (Yeah, we won’t need to buy this stuff for a year.)


Not only do they come in pretty bottles, try actually smell rather pretty, too. So far, I had no complaints.

And I’m pleased to report that I wasn’t disappointed with the quality of soap either. I hadn’t purchased Palmolive in years (I always kind of thought of it as an out-dated brand. I mean, doesn’t Ralphie mention in it A Christmas Story?) But now that they’re obviously stepping up their game, I could definitely see used reaching for it in the supermarket in the future. (You know, after I get through these three bottles.)

Have you tried the new Palmolive? What did you think? Do you actually spend any time thinking about your dish soap?

3 thoughts on “Review: Palmolive Fresh Infusions

  1. We got this too – my mom LOVES them and I was equally as excited that they were full size items. I always love to get free stuff that saves my parents some money 🙂

  2. I’m almost embarrassed to admit this considering I work in advertising but after I saw your instagram picture of this I was like, “Huh. I need to try those out.” Then I went to Target AND BOUGHT ONE. My little soap sponge thing isn’t out of soap yet and I don’t want to contaminate the stuff that is in there with another scent (Mrs. Meyers BTW. More expensive but I love the smell!)

    Hopefully the scent will live up to my Mrs. Meyers expectations cause these are easier on the old pocketbook.

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