Ughhhh. February, We get it. You’re the worst month ever. You have the worst weather ever. You can dump 30 inches of snow and then encore with freezing rain. We get it.

Now knock it off, okay?

For those of you not enjoying the splendor of this winter nightmarewonderland, here’s what I am staring at as I type this:


Gorgeous, non? (Answer: Non.)

Soooo anyway, now I’m cold and wet. It’s magical.

You would think having grown up in the Midwest, where this kind of weather is an all-too-common occurrence, I would be used to it.

Spoiler alert: I’m not!

Whatever. I’m over it. (Mostly.)

Anyway. This weekend was good, at least. After traveling so much over the last couple of weeks, the hubs and I finally got to hang out. Yesterday we had a zombie-themed day (quite on accident) when we saw Warm Bodies (hilarious, by the way. You just have to go in expecting ridiculousness. And “forget what you know about zombies”, as my husband hilariously put it. Just try to out all that wizened, scientific knowledge out of your head that you have garnered from The Walking Dead.) and then later, incidentally, watched the “mid-season premiere” (ugh) of TWD.

We also had dinner at my in-laws’. But that wasn’t zombie-themed. (Unfortunately.)

Next weekend, we’re having a couple of people over for dinner, and then it will officially be the end of guests in our current apartment because it will be time to start packing it up. Eeee.

I’m excited and preemptively stressed out at the same time. That’s a thing, right?

So…you wants to come help me bubble wrap things next week? Eh??