Grown-up apartment goals

It will probably come as no surprise to anyone that when I’m not self-inducing stress stomachaches over our impending move, I’m getting really excited about decorating a new apartment.

Hey, I am who I am, okay?

Now that Joey and I have almost two years of marriage/living together under our belt (I know, right? Where does the time go?), I feel like one of the most important things I’ve learned is how we live together. When we start looking for our next place in the coming weeks, there are specific things (like more storage/an extra room, bigger kitchen cabinets, and a building that allows dogs) that I know we have to look for.

But more importantly, I have a more defined idea of what our style is. Part of my goal for 2013 was basically polishing up the parts of my life that I didn’t have together yet. I definitely lump our apartment into that category. Because while, in general, it’s fine and fairly grown-up looking, there were a lot of things we just never got figured out even after two years.

So here is a quick list of my hopes and dreams for the new place:

1. Stop hurriedly buying cheap versions of what I want and invest in nicer furniture/art/whatever that will last a lot longer. If I can’t afford it, make do with what I have until I can. (Or find a really convincing DIY knock-off.)

That doesn’t mean everything has to be expensive. I just want to stop wasting money on “for now” things. Instead, I’ll save the money I would have spent on them to put toward what I really want.


2. Have a grown-up bedroom. For all my talk, this was the one place in our apartment that never looked out together or decorated.

I’m determined not to let our new bedroom become storage. Hopefully we will have a bit more space in the next place to help avoid this, but more than that, I really want our bedroom to be a restful, serene place.

3. Thrift more furniture. This probably sounds at odds with my first goal, but let me explain. We live in a pretty wasteful society. And it killed me that I would spend a hundred-something dollars on a dining room table from IKEA, only to spot a Pottery Barn one on Craigslist marked down to $75 from $400.

The point is, I can have higher quality stuff for lower prices, I just have to work a little harder.

I’m also hopeful that our new apartment will have some kind of outdoor or roof area where I can sand/paint things I find on Craigslist. That’s the dream, right?


4. Have a more grown-up office area. While our little desk area was totally fine, I think now that we know the types of papers we have to store regularly, we’ll be able to set up an organized file system from the start. (And, of course, by we, I mean me. Joey knows better than to get involved when I start getting crazypants abou file systems.

So basically my goals are to be more thoughtful in our decor and more organized from the start. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?