Box maze.


Well, the packing has officially begun. As has the if-I-pack-this-will-I-be-glad-I-did-or-need-it-in-the-next-four-weeks game. I do not like this game.

So far I have almost the entire living room, a bit of the dining room, and a bit of the kitchen packed up. Unfortunately, these are also the best rooms to hang out in. Or, at least they were before they became cardboard labyrinths. Plus, the majority of the stuff I can pack weeks in advance is the stuff that we don’t really need but that makes the apartment pretty. Like picture frames, vases, books, and the occasional knick-knack. Basically, things are looking quite bare.

My next project is to buy more bubble wrap and finish boxing up everything in the china cabinet. Then I think it will be time to tackle the bedroom. Clothes are a challenge since I don’t know what we’ll want to wear for the next month, but I think I’ll have enough stuff I know we don’t need to fill at least a box or two.

By the way, have I mentioned how much I hate packing? (YUP.) It’s annoying and tedious and turns your apartment into a box maze. Plus, buying boxes knowing you’re going to throw them away later is maddening. (That being said, if anyone wants ours in April, lemme know.)

Plus I still get a stress ball in my stomach when I start thinking about the process of getting our stuff from point A to point B. I mean, we’ll have to rent a truck. And hopefully enlist a few people to help us carry things. Ugh. I’m just rambling now.

The point is, we’ve started the process. There’s just still a lot more to do. At least we started filing our taxes? That will be done next week. An we can check something off of the to-do list.

Leave your best packing words of wisdom in the comments to help me feel less panicked, please.