Last night. I had a dream I was viewing an apartment. I may have a disease.

But seriously. I realize the apartment hunt is all I can talk about (and, let’s be honest, think about). I’d like to tell you I’m going to chill out about it, but I also like not lying to your beautiful faces.

Plus, I don’t know, I feel like ensuring we have a place to live in three weeks is an okay thing to obsess over a bit.

In the name of OPTIMISM, I can tell you that we’ve switched tactics a bit. Inspired by the lovely Emilia’s suggestion (and, okay, my husband’s subtle requests to look at apartments there) we are officially focusing on Astoria. Why was I resisting Astoria? I don’t know. People who live there seem to love it. And, you guys. You can get so much more for your money. So that’s the new plan.

I’m hopeful that we’ll have a place by the end of the week. Please think good, apartment-finding thoughts for me.

ANYWAY. Once we actually find the place, the fun part can begin. And of corse I mean fun for me because I’m talking about decorating the place.

Hopefully once that starts, my posts will stop sounding so crazed. (Probably not.)